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Abraham Verghese
Abraham Verghese
Abraham Verghese is an author, physician and med school professor. He is the author of Cutting for Stone and his writing has appeared in many major publications.
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Moving Slow in the Fast Lane

I didn't read a book, at least not on the beach, because again it felt strange to be using words on a page to create signals to transport me to another place when I was already in another place Abraham Verghese Apr 19, 2010

'The Dour and Monolithic' Have Managed to Unite the Opposition

Will Democrats act boldly and unite for the cause to vote for health care reform? Abraham Verghese Mar 21, 2010

The Drama of Health Care Reform: Viewed from Within and Abroad

Sunday's vote will be historic -- and we won't be the only ones watching: Europe is also interested to see how the debate in Washington turns out. Abraham Verghese Mar 20, 2010

Stay the Course: Why Doing Nothing Is Best Strategy For Lasting Health Care Reform

When your pants are on fire, most everyone looks for water rather than debating the flammability of the material Abraham Verghese Feb 19, 2010

Health Care Reform: The Third Option

Abraham Verghese Feb 12, 2010

It's the Phenome and Not the Genome: Put Your Money on Mortal Flesh

Translation: use your eyes, take a good history, weight the patient and get a few simple blood tests, and you can predict risk far better than a panel of genetic tests. Abraham Verghese Feb 3, 2010

Airports and the Science of Observation

Abraham Verghese Jan 27, 2010

The Catching Kind of Cancer

Abraham Verghese Jan 20, 2010

A Walk to Beautiful

Abraham Verghese Jan 11, 2010

You don't 'get' Yemen if you don't get Qat.

Abraham Verghese Jan 3, 2010

Book worms, imperialist nostalgia and the "Stanford 25"

Instead I worry we will get to a point where if you are missing a finger and show up in a hospital, no one will believe you till they get an MRI, CAT scan and an orthopedic consult. Abraham Verghese Dec 30, 2009

Health Reform: Magnificent Xmas Present But Needs Assembly

An axiom in this debate has always been that every dollar spent on health care is a dollar of income for someone and any attempt to reign in costs will bring vitriolic responses and dedicated opposition. Well, we saw that. Abraham Verghese Dec 25, 2009

Spiraling Empiricism: When in Doubt Put on Blindfold and Shoot

Lets give ourselves a chance at precise diagnosis before we treat. That means good specimens, hand carried, examined by the people who care for the patient. Proxy wars never seem to work. Find the enemy and win the firefight is a good philosophy for infectious diseases as it is for war. Diagnosis matters. Abraham Verghese Dec 17, 2009

Slow versus Fast Knowledge

Abraham Verghese Dec 14, 2009

'Incidentalomas' and When Less Is More

But here's the rub: we can never know which cancer has been over-diagnosed at the time of diagnosis. We can only agree that it was over-diagnosis if the individual is never treated (and turns out to be fine) or dies of something else and the cancer turns out not to be important. Since we can't know ahead of time, we generally wind up treating everybody. Abraham Verghese Dec 7, 2009

If We Can't Measure It, It Doesn't Exist

Abraham Verghese Sep 22, 2009

Irrational Belief Breaks Down the Rational Mind

What the President and our politicians should have known is that our personal health is the one arena of our life (the other being our love life) where reason and logic get thrown out of the window. Abraham Verghese Aug 12, 2009

Tina Brown Shapes The Next Ten Years

Looking across and seeing the twin towers standing, could anyone have predicted how the world would change? Or how magazines would fare over the next decade? Abraham Verghese Aug 3, 2009

The Practice Of Medicine and The Color of Money

Abraham Verghese Jul 30, 2009

Nature, Nurture and Wickedly Smart Bears

Abraham Verghese Jul 27, 2009 More Stories
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