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Andrew Cohen
Andrew Cohen
Andrew Cohen is a contributing editor at The Atlantic. He is a legal analyst for 60 Minutes and CBS Radio News, a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice, and commentary editor at The Marshall Project.
David Ryder / Reuters

How White Users Made Heroin a Public-Health Problem

In the past, when users of the drug were disproportionately black, they faced severe punishments.
Andrew Cohen Aug 12, 2015 Christinne Muschi/Reuters

Jean Beliveau's Astonishing Grace

The legendary hockey player, dead at 83, lived life with the same elegance he showed on ice. Andrew Cohen Dec 3, 2014 Ted Drake/Flickr

The Ambiguities of Prison Gangs

Guards aren't all heroes, and inmates aren't all villains. Andrew Cohen Oct 2, 2014 Serge Melki/Reuters

The Court's Emphatic Ban on Executing the Intellectually Disabled

A divided court doubled down on its 2002 Atkins decision, ruling that Florida can't kill Freddie Lee Hall just because his IQ has sometimes passed an arbitrary mark. Andrew Cohen May 27, 2014 Jeff Roberson/Associated Press

Will Russell Bucklew's Execution Be the Next Death-Penalty Disaster?

Missouri plans to kill a convicted murderer Wednesday, but his health and the state's secrecy about lethal-injection procedures raise serious constitutional issues. Andrew Cohen May 19, 2014 Wikimedia Commons

The Tortured Statistical Debate Over the Death Penalty

A productive policy conversation after a botched Oklahoma execution depends on rigorously supported claims. Those can be tough to come by. Andrew Cohen May 15, 2014 Library of Congress

How Evolution Explains the Conflicted Death-Penalty Debate

A new book suggests that humans' urge to mercy evolved alongside our urge for vengeance. Has the practice of hiding prisoners and executions away stifled the mercy? Andrew Cohen May 6, 2014 Wikimedia Commons

The Problems With the Death Penalty Are Already Crystal Clear

The president has commissioned yet another study of lethal injections. He'd be better off lobbying the Supreme Court and Congress to make changes. Andrew Cohen May 5, 2014

Great Odds You'll Love the Kentucky Derby Winner This Year

This week, Churchill Downs will be full of great storylines about the good people and great causes represented at this year's big race. Andrew Cohen May 1, 2014 Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

A Federal Judge Searches for Voter Fraud in Wisconsin and Finds None

In an exhaustive and devastating opinion, Judge Lynn Adleman writes that the facts don't justify restrictions that unduly burden minorities. Andrew Cohen Apr 30, 2014 Reuters/The Atlantic

How Oklahoma's Botched Execution Affects the Death-Penalty Debate

State officials used untested drugs from a secret source to end the life of Clayton Lockett, who took more than 45 minutes to die.  Andrew Cohen Apr 30, 2014 PBS/Frontline

How One State Could Break the Cycle of Incarceration

In the second part of its trenchant documentary on prisons in America, Frontline shows us a side of Louisville you won't see on Kentucky Derby Day. Andrew Cohen Apr 28, 2014 Chip East/Reuters

Will the Supreme Court Address Louisiana's Flawed Jury System?

By allowing non-unanimous verdicts in murder trials, the state makes it possible for prosecutors to accept minority jurors—and then discount their views. Andrew Cohen Apr 23, 2014 Mario Suriani/AP

The Redemption Song of Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter

The wrongfully convicted boxer was a cause célèbre for the likes of Bob Dylan. But he built his true legacy after he was released from prison. Andrew Cohen Apr 22, 2014 AP File Photo

Oklahoma's Courts Are at War Over Lethal-Injection Secrecy

State officials have tried to conceal basic information about the drugs used in executions, creating chaos in the legal system. Andrew Cohen Apr 21, 2014 Frontline/PBS

Creating Monsters: How Solitary Confinement Hurts the Rest of Us

A new PBS documentary takes us inside a Maine prison, where inmates and officials are locked in a grim and self-defeating embrace. Andrew Cohen Apr 18, 2014 Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

Obama on Voter Suppression: The Right Speech in the Wrong Place

The president is right to speak out, but he needs to preach to someone other than the converted. Andrew Cohen Apr 14, 2014 Eric Gay/Associated Press

How to Secede From the Union, One Judicial Vacancy at a Time

By refusing to help fill the nation's empty trial benches, some senators are intentionally creating a vacuum of federal legal authority. Andrew Cohen Apr 8, 2014 Charles Dharapak/AP

Now He Tells Us: John Paul Stevens Wants to Abolish the Death Penalty

The retired Supreme Court justice would like to add five words to the Eight Amendment and do away with capital punishment in America. It's a shame he didn't vote that way during his 35 years on the Supreme Court. Andrew Cohen Apr 7, 2014 Joshua Lott/Reuters

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: The Most Lawless Lawman in America

The Arizona sheriff is in trouble again, just in time for a new run for governor—this time for getting caught on videotape disrespecting a federal court order that highlighted his longstanding discriminatory police practices. Andrew Cohen Mar 26, 2014 More Stories
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