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Ari Weinzweig
Ari Weinzweig
Ari Weinzweig is co-founder of Zingerman's Community of Businesses, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is also the author of Zingerman's Guide to Good Eating.
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The Year's Best New Bacon, Straight From the 'Bacon Pig'

It's hard to do much better than La Quercia's rich, buttery bacon from the hard-to-find Tamworth breed of hog Ari Weinzweig Jun 16, 2011

The Stuff of Life: Naturvie Spanish Olive Oil

Hand-picked olives from 200-year-old trees produce this complex oil, which blends sweet, spicy, almond, and olive flavors Ari Weinzweig Mar 8, 2011

A Sweet, Buttery, Artisanal Olive Oil of the Future

On the Greek island of Crete, George Dimitriadis is using stone mills and new technology to make one-of-a-kind oil Ari Weinzweig Feb 7, 2011

A Chocolate Artisan's Unusual (and Good) New Product

Askinosie Chocolate is the first high-end chocolatier to buy cacao from Tanzania—and the results are unique and complex Ari Weinzweig Jan 21, 2011

Fresh Recipes With an Ancient Grain: 4 Ways to Prepare Farro

Our expert on artisanal foods offers Roman farro soup, farro salad with mozzarella and roasted peppers, and more Ari Weinzweig Jan 13, 2011

Not All Olive Oils Are Worth the Money (But This One Is)

Every month, at least 10 olive oils "apply" for a spot on the shelves of Zingerman's. This peppery, grassy elixir made the cut. Ari Weinzweig Jan 7, 2011

A Salad for When Farmers' Markets Disappear

Figs—fresh when in season, or dried—star in this mix of fruit, cheese, nuts, oil, and vinegar so good it should win a Grammy Ari Weinzweig Jan 4, 2011

Dos Cafeteras Coffee Candies: Great Product, Great Story

Specialty foods rarely unite compelling flavor with a compelling creation myth. These Spanish coffee caramels succeed. Ari Weinzweig Dec 27, 2010

Oregon Hazelnuts: Nearly as Good as Their Italian Cousins

With a climate similar to that of Italy's Piedmont—the hazelnut capital of the world—Oregon grows nuts worth trying Ari Weinzweig Dec 13, 2010

The Other, Better Darjeeling: A Gift for Tea Drinkers

Even if you're a tea enthusiast, there's a good chance you haven't heard of Jungpana's complex, edgy first flush leaves Ari Weinzweig Dec 7, 2010

Beware the Wild Rice Imposters

Most "wild rice" is actually farm-raised. The co-founder of Zingerman's explains why hand-gathered, nutty, earthy, really wild wild rice is the stuff you want. Ari Weinzweig Nov 8, 2010

The Soul of Peruvian Cuisine: A Yellow Pepper

The many uses of the hard-to-find—but complex and flavorful—aji amarillo, from ceviche to goat cheese to vegetables Ari Weinzweig Nov 1, 2010

The Artisanal Rogue in the Chocolate Section

Thinking about chocolate during August? Believe it. Rogue Chocolatier is so good we had to write about it now. Ari Weinzweig Aug 27, 2010

A Historic Potato Recipe, Don't Hold the Salt

Blood pressure beware. "Salt potatoes," boiled in intense brine, are tastier than their merely sodium-dusted cousins. Ari Weinzweig Aug 12, 2010

A Potato Unlike Any Other

Real new potatoes, not the imposters, are completely different from their aged, leathery cousins. So don't let tomatoes hog the summer market spotlight. Ari Weinzweig Aug 3, 2010

A Southern Writer's Poetic Potato Salad

Eudora Welty also wrote about food. Here's her recipe for a "wickedly hot" dish with all the "mystique" of mayonnaise. Ari Weinzweig May 20, 2010

A Pasta Worth Waiting for

Wheaty, chewy Primograno—"first grain"—required nearly a decade of tinkering by one of Italy's best pasta makers, and the product is living up to its name Ari Weinzweig May 11, 2010

Pasta and Fish Roe: Sardinia's Mac and Cheese

From canned to raw, tuna is an American favorite, but as this comfort food proves, we've been missing out on the eggs Ari Weinzweig Apr 7, 2010

Italian Almonds: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Hard-shell varieties, like the Sicilian Pizzuta, are difficult to grow, but one taste and you'll go ... nuts Ari Weinzweig Mar 24, 2010

Tunisia's Pungent Secret

Zdir, a chile-tomato stew, will make you wonder where this country's cuisine has been hiding Ari Weinzweig Feb 25, 2010 More Stories
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