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Ben W. Heineman Jr.
Ben W. Heineman Jr.
Ben Heineman Jr. is is a senior fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, in Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and at the Harvard Law School's Program on Corporate Governance. He is the author of High Performance With High Integrity.
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The Fatal Flaws of Fatal Attraction

The writer of the 1987 thriller disliked the ending that Hollywood put on the movie. A new live adaptation addresses his concerns—but doesn't fix the deeper problem with the story. Ben W. Heineman Jr. and Cristine Russell Apr 7, 2014 Amr Dalsh/Reuters

General Sisi's Greatest Enemy: The Egyptian Economy

As president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi could be toppled by the same forces that unseated his predecessors. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Mar 27, 2014 Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

A Coming Golden Age for American Companies in China?

Recent reforms—and a pending bilateral treaty—would make it easier for U.S. firms to compete in the country. But obstacles to full economic fairness remain. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Dec 13, 2013 Warner Bros.

Elizabeth Taylor's Feisty, Feminist Turn in Giant

Her performance as rancher Leslie Lynnton dismantled stereotypes about women and minorities when it graced screens nearly 60 years ago. Ben W. Heineman Jr. and Cristine Russell Nov 5, 2013 Mohamed Abdullah / Reuters

Why Chemical Weapons Are Different

Blistering skin, eye damage, and excruciating deaths were just some of the reasons nations decided to ban these substances after World War I. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Sep 9, 2013

Beyond the Coup: Egypt's Real Problem Is Its Economy

Any new permanent government will face the choice Morsi had but never made: market economic reforms on the one hand and a command-and-control statist economy on the other. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Jul 10, 2013

The Cost of Saving Lives in Bangladesh

The hard decisions that need to be made to prevent another tragedy like garment factory collapse that killed over 1,000 people. Ben W. Heineman Jr. May 10, 2013

When Roger Ebert Was a Cub Critic

Reflections on knowing the late film critic in the early days of his career Ben W. Heineman Jr. Apr 5, 2013

Why We Can All Stop Worrying About Offshoring and Outsourcing

The old math no longer applies when it comes to where multinationals choose to open shop. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Mar 26, 2013

On DOMA, Real-World Arguments Could Sway the Supreme Court

Moderate justices (read: Kennedy) may hesitate to call same-sex marriage a constitutional right. But these briefs written by military and business leaders may give them a more modest way to strike down the Act. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Mar 22, 2013

How Times, and Time, Changed

In 1966, Time magazine's London office told me I wasn't spending enough money on my expense account. It was another world. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Mar 11, 2013

How Obama Can Win a European Free-Trade Deal

Overcoming the vested interests on both sides of the Atlantic will take canny and political muscle. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Feb 21, 2013

'Downton Abbey' Is Entertainment, but 'Brideshead Revisited' Was Art

The '80's reigning aristo-soap has endured culturally. Today's, while diverting, won't. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Feb 1, 2013

What Obama Forgot: Economic Growth Is the Only Way to Social Progress

In his inaugural speech, the president mentioned the obligations of "We the People" as individual citizens. But what's the role of businesses as corporate citizens? Ben W. Heineman Jr. Jan 23, 2013

Obama's Chief of Staff Will Be the Most Important Appointment of His Term

For many practical purposes, it is the White House operations boss -- and not the vice president -- who serves as the nation's deputy president. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Jan 14, 2013

Anna Karenina: Read the Book, Skip the Movie

Tolstoy's epic novel reveled in the humanity of its characters. Alas, that quality was lost in translation to the screen. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Dec 23, 2012

Egypt's Economic Winter

Morsi's power grab has made headlines, but the world's most populous Arab country has even bigger problems on its hands. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Dec 18, 2012

High-Risk, High-Reward: Will Obama Seek a Free-Trade Pact With Europe?

The economic benefits could be enormous -- but so could the political challenge. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Dec 11, 2012

Obama Should Nominate Michael Bloomberg as Treasury Secretary

He's smart, has critical business experience, and could be a valuable negotiator when it comes to avoiding the fiscal cliff. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Nov 8, 2012

In Praise of CNN

Talented anchors, judicious use of analysts, and a more-or-less nonpartisan approach made it the channel to watch on election night. Ben W. Heineman Jr. Nov 8, 2012 More Stories
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