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Brian Till
Brian Till
Brian Till is a Research Fellow with the American Strategy Program of the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., and the author of Conversations With Power.
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How Drug Companies Keep Medicine Out of Reach

The promise of delinking research and development from the actual manufacture of drugs, and why the pharmaceutical industry rejects an idea that could turn neglected diseases into profit Brian Till May 15, 2013

God's Surgeons in Africa

Where many are performing surgery without any formal training, a Christian organization is educating surgeons who stay around despite little pay or prestige -- sometimes despite real danger. Brian Till Dec 28, 2012

Could Revolution Come to Putin's Russia?

Saturday's mass demonstrations in Moscow may draw comparisons to the Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street, but Russia -- and Putin's "democracy" -- is unique Brian Till Dec 25, 2011 Reuters / Gregory Dukar

Mikhail Gorbachev: The West Could Have Saved the Russian Economy

The former Soviet premier on post-Cold War mistakes, the reason Russia never followed China's pragmatic route, and the importance of trust among nations Brian Till Jun 16, 2011

John Major: Weaker Political Commitments Will Help Revive Politics

The former British prime minister on his greatest management error, Europe's ability to compete, and why he wouldn't take Bill Clinton's calls Brian Till Jun 8, 2011

Could the U.S. Have Prevented Benazir Bhutto's Death?

The former prime minister of Pakistan may not have been killed in 2007 had U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson granted her requested security protection Brian Till May 23, 2011

Bill Clinton: There Are No Great Generations, Just Different Problems

The former president on climate change, curiosity, and what it means to be a leader Brian Till May 23, 2011

Jimmy Carter: As a Nation, We're Bad at Making Tough Decisions

The former president on the long shadow of the Iranian hostage crisis, the current president's ability to lead the American people honestly, and whether we're capable of real sacrifice Brian Till May 16, 2011

How the White House Mishandled the Press Surrounding Bin Laden

The administration ended up creating a media storm around the questions that matter least Brian Till May 5, 2011

'The Bang Bang Club,' Tim Hetherington, and Bearing Witness

Photojournalists put their lives in danger so that suffering in the world and the courage of our soldiers might be less invisible Brian Till Apr 23, 2011

The 2012 Battle for the Welfare State: Will It Play?

The philosophy behind Paul Ryan's budget plan misses the point—first-world states take care of their own Brian Till Apr 12, 2011

Atomic Snowflakes

Only two U.S. nuclear sites are in compliance with federal fire regulations. How confident can we be that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has things firmly in hand? Brian Till Apr 1, 2011

A Note on Egyptian Torture

Radical prison systems have played a significant role in spurring the violence that has manifested in the Middle East Brian Till Feb 1, 2011

What's at Stake in Cairo

If the military opens fire in the streets of Cairo, those deaths will have been financed by U.S. tax dollars Brian Till Jan 29, 2011

The Secret History of Captain Hook

As Christmas approaches, a look into the life of a classic villain from a classic holiday tale Brian Till Dec 23, 2010

Finally, Fire in Elections Down Under

For the first time, Australia saw a hint of emotion in its current leadership struggle Brian Till Aug 5, 2010

Let's Stop Lying to the Afghans

We'll depart before the mission is achieved, leaving a narco-state in our wake Brian Till Jun 24, 2010

Powerlessness, the Stage, and the Presidency

What a new play written by a former Czech president says about Obama and the oil spill Brian Till May 31, 2010

UVA Men's Lacrosse Should Sit Out the Dance

UVA's wrongheaded decision not to cancel the rest of its season following the death of Yeardley Love will only hurt the sport, as it reinforces a sense that the team and the school do not take this seriously. Brian Till May 7, 2010

What Do We Owe Iraq?

This is not about W. or Petraeus, COIN or Al Qaeda; this is the story of a middle class -- the kind of vibrant, skilled middle class that one finds lacking in almost every other country in the region -- and what the neoconservative experiment meant for them. Brian Till Mar 25, 2010 More Stories
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