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Chantal Martineau
Chantal Martineau
Daniel Aguilar / Reuters

How Tequila Went From Mexican Farms to American Frats

A tale of culture and capitalism
Chantal Martineau May 15, 2015

Rum Regatta: Mount Gay Race Keeps Liquor Afloat

The 75th anniversary of a race around Barbados underscores the connection between sugar cane liquor and sailors Chantal Martineau Feb 2, 2011

Beyond Champagne: A New Year's Guide to Other Bubbly

If you're in a sparkling wine rut—or want to drink it year-round without getting bored—look to Spain, Alsace, and even the U.S. Chantal Martineau Dec 31, 2010

The World's First Asian Fusion

Centuries before modern "fusion" cuisine, the Portuguese landed in Macau. How Hong Kong's neighbor gave rise to unlikely (and sought-after) dishes like African Chicken. Chantal Martineau Oct 26, 2010

The Era of Copyrighted Cocktails?

An increasingly cutthroat beverage industry is making bartenders worry about intellectual property Chantal Martineau Aug 31, 2010

Thinking Pink: With Rosé Wines, Tint Matters

Pink wines are for carefree drinking—but don't tell the producers who spend years developing the perfect color Chantal Martineau Aug 5, 2010

Inside the Cocktail Industry's Annual Gala

Add loads of parties and high-end liquor to an industry trade show, and what do you get? Tales of the Cocktail. Chantal Martineau Jul 31, 2010

Can South African Wines Bridge a Racial Divide?

The World Cup has served as a global stage for local wines—and as a way to market them to South Africa's blacks Chantal Martineau Jul 1, 2010

Vodka: Odorless and Flavorless No More

Everyone's favorite neutral spirit isn't so neutral anymore thanks to new varieties that express—gasp—terroir Chantal Martineau Jun 7, 2010

Behind the Caribbean's Iconic Liqueur

A writer visits Curaçao to learn the story of the island's famous spirit—and why it tastes like oranges but is dyed blue Chantal Martineau May 20, 2010

Tasting Spain's Dark-Horse White Wines

Red wines rule Spain, but whites are making a comeback, and not just Albariño. Adios Garnacha, hola Godello. Chantal Martineau Apr 28, 2010

The Underdog: A Montreal Deli Takes on NYC

First came poutine. Then tourtière. Now, the smoked meat sandwich is leading a full-on Canadian food invasion. Chantal Martineau Mar 26, 2010

Vancouver's Gold-Medal Wines

The Olympics shone a light on the city's kitchens. They missed the cellars of the Okanagan Valley. Chantal Martineau Feb 24, 2010

Natural Wines: A Taste of Place

They're biodynamic and organic, but they go a step beyond either of these classifications. Chantal Martineau Oct 16, 2009
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