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Clive Crook

Signing Off

This will be my last post in this space. Clive Crook Jan 21, 2013

The Tough New Obama Isn't So Tough—and That's Why He's Winning

Obama compromised during the fiscal-cliff fight, and the GOP didn't -- and that's why he's emerged with the upper hand. Clive Crook Jan 20, 2013

A Nation of Criminals

America is becoming one, by its own volition. Clive Crook Jan 20, 2013

The Death of Aaron Swartz

His family is right to impugn the wider criminal-justice system. Clive Crook Jan 15, 2013

Forward to North American Union, for Europe's Sake

Washington wants Europe to come to grip with its problems, and to be less obsessed with its own internal wrangling and more outward-looking. Priceless. Clive Crook Jan 10, 2013

Fiscal-Cliff Winners and Losers

Clive Crook Jan 7, 2013

Two Book Recommendations

A look at a couple of the year's most worthwhile offerings. Clive Crook Dec 21, 2012

The Mysterious Ways of the United States and China

Clive Crook Dec 13, 2012

Signing Off Until December 12th

Clive Crook Nov 25, 2012

How to Make a Fiscal Deal

Both sides should agree to cuts on those making more than $1 million, and Democrats should give ground on those making $250,00 to $1 million. Clive Crook Nov 21, 2012

Obama and the Fiscal Cliff

In this scenario, which side is the hostage-taker? Clive Crook Nov 14, 2012

Obama's Victory After Cyclical Adjustment

The big question of historical interpretation -- and I'm not sure of the answer -- is how much of a negative, if at all, the economy was for Obama. Clive Crook Nov 7, 2012

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

Obama was exciting in 2008 because he promised to transcend the national divide. He's since given up, and Romney isn't even saying he'll try. It's a disturbing trajectory. Clive Crook Nov 2, 2012

Europe's Suicide Pact

Will the cure actually exacerbate the disease in the economically reeling continent? Clive Crook Oct 31, 2012

Analysis: If Obama Loses, It Won't Be Because He's Black

Clive Crook Oct 26, 2012

Obama's Mistakes and the Role of Race

If the president loses this election, it won't be for what many will say are the obvious reasons. Clive Crook Oct 25, 2012

An Inconsequential Debate

If Obama had performed this well in the Denver debate this election would be as good as over. But he didn't. Clive Crook Oct 23, 2012

Let's Keep Politics Out of Economics: Paul Krugman

Clive Crook Oct 22, 2012

How the Democratic Base Could Lose This Election for Obama

Democrats apparently think Obama's position on the fiscal cliff is more appealing to centrist voters than Romney's. They're wrong. Clive Crook Oct 19, 2012

Obama Returns to Form

I'd expect the debate to stall Romney's recent momentum. But I doubt he'll fall all the way back to where he was pre-Denver. Clive Crook Oct 17, 2012 More Stories
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