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Corby Kummer
Corby Kummer
Corby Kummer's work in The Atlantic has established him as one of the most widely read, authoritative, and creative food writers in the United States. The San Francisco Examiner pronounced him "a dean among food writers in America."
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Remembering the Italian Baking Expert Carol Field

The prolific cookbook author, who introduced ciabatta to Americans, died at age 76. Corby Kummer Mar 15, 2017 Paul Spella / Zak Bickel / The Atlantic

The Best Food Books of 2015

The top cookbooks and culinary histories of the year
Corby Kummer Dec 21, 2015 Asico Photo

Breakfast With Zeke

In a pop-up restaurant for two weekends, a renowned bioethicist sets out to prove that healthy living and exceptional French toast are totally compatible. Corby Kummer Jul 26, 2015 A. Daran / The Life Picture Collection / ...

Remembering Bill Zinsser

The author of the seminal manual On Writing Well died this month at the age of 92. Corby Kummer May 22, 2015 Anthony Bolante/Reuters

Random Acts of Coffee

American franchises should embrace the caffe sospeso, a classic way for customers to pay it forward. Corby Kummer Dec 25, 2014 The Atlantic

The Best Food Books of 2014

The top cookbooks and culinary histories of the year Corby Kummer Dec 13, 2014 Boston University

The Mayor of Food

Long before the food movement took shape, Thomas Menino believed in—and acted on—its ideals: fresh food available to everyone of every income level, and as a route to better health. Corby Kummer Oct 31, 2014

How to Make a Simple Cup of Coffee

It's subtler business than you might think. Corby Kummer March 2014 Issue

The Best Food Books of 2013

The top cookbooks and culinary histories of the year Corby Kummer Dec 18, 2013 Richard Drew/AP

The Trans-Fat Ban as a Model of Slow Health Policy

An imminent ban on the ingredient illustrates the importance of consumer awareness. Corby Kummer Nov 8, 2013

Farm Bill Deal to Hungry Americans: You're on Your Own

On the day House Republicans split food stamps off the main package, it's time to revisit a devastating documentary about hunger in America. Corby Kummer Jul 11, 2013

Frappuccino Quantified: Starbucks to Add Calorie Counts

There are 670 calories in a venti Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino Blended Crème. The multibillion-dollar coffeehouse chain just announced that it will add calorie counts to menus, staying a step ahead of the FDA. Corby Kummer Jun 18, 2013

The Polarizing Practice of Eating Horses

Eating horsemeat -- hippophagy -- is culturally and historically significant, for good reason. Corby Kummer Feb 22, 2013

The Very Best Cookbooks of the Year

A guide for chefs and food lovers alike Corby Kummer Dec 22, 2012

3-Week Sandy Fatigue: How You Can Help Fight It

The people who work for tips in New York City's service industry were devastated by the hurricane. Corby Kummer Nov 23, 2012

The World's Fifth-Largest Economy: U.S. Health Care

Zeke Emanuel thinks the Affordable Care Act will shrink the $2.8 trillion system to something more sustainable -- and give doctors incentive to speed up that process. Corby Kummer Nov 16, 2012

Nora Ephron's Edge

She was smart—scary smart. Corby Kummer Jun 27, 2012

Mario Batali on 'Sadistic' TV and Martha Stewart on Raising Chickens

Highlights and insights from live interviews with two food world icons Corby Kummer May 25, 2012

Passover and Easter Prep: Brisket and Pink Peeps

Nostalgia is usually only delicious (Peeps!) and sometimes nutritious (brisket!) Corby Kummer Apr 6, 2012

The Many Questions Surrounding Walmart's 'Great for You' Initiative

Regardless of what's motivated the retail giant to come up with its new front-of-pack labels, they'll give consumers valuable information. Corby Kummer Feb 15, 2012 More Stories
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