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Cristine Russell
Cristine Russell
Cristine Russell is a senior fellow at Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the president of the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing.
Tristram Kenton

The Fatal Flaws of Fatal Attraction

The writer of the 1987 thriller disliked the ending that Hollywood put on the movie. A new live adaptation addresses his concerns—but doesn't fix the deeper problem with the story. Ben W. Heineman Jr. and Cristine Russell Apr 7, 2014 Warner Bros.

Elizabeth Taylor's Feisty, Feminist Turn in Giant

Her performance as rancher Leslie Lynnton dismantled stereotypes about women and minorities when it graced screens nearly 60 years ago. Ben W. Heineman Jr. and Cristine Russell Nov 5, 2013 Chiaki Tsukumo / Reuters

The American Woman Who Wrote Equal Rights Into Japan's Constitution

As a 22-year-old military aide, Beate Sirota Gordon gave Japan's new founding document its own version of the Equal Rights Amendment. Cristine Russell Jan 5, 2013

The Alarming Rate of Errors in the ICU

Missed diagnoses in hospital intensive care units may result in as many deaths per year as breast cancer. Cristine Russell Aug 28, 2012

Doctors, Practice What You Preach

"Do as I say, not as I do" just doesn't work in medicine. Cristine Russell Jun 12, 2012

Exit Obama, Enter Irene: A Dispatch From Martha's Vineyard

A tale of two storms: this weekend's hurricane, and the turmoil in Washington, D.C. Ben W. Heineman Jr. and Cristine Russell Aug 28, 2011

Quiz Time: How Many Different Species on Earth?

As countless creatures remain undocumented, a study offers an answer to a longstanding scientific mystery Cristine Russell Aug 24, 2011

Tying the Knot with Newsprint: The Ultimate Newsie Wedding

Two journalists find a perfect marriage theme in the trappings of print media, from typewriters to notebook-and-pen party favors Cristine Russell Jun 15, 2011

The 'Girl Writer' Behind 'I Love Lucy' Dies

Madelyn Pugh Davis, pioneering television writer, author, and role model for women everywhere, has passed away at the age of 90 Cristine Russell Apr 22, 2011

10 Critical Questions About Japan's Nuclear Crisis

What you need to understand about the situation as it unfolds Cristine Russell Mar 15, 2011

Japan: Future Risk, Present Devastation

Amid anxieties over the prospect of nuclear disaster, we should pause and mourn the thousands of dead in Japan Ben W. Heineman Jr. and Cristine Russell Mar 15, 2011

What the Media Doesn't Get About Meltdowns

News reports about the nuclear accidents in Japan are using "meltdown" indiscriminately, creating excessive fear Cristine Russell Mar 13, 2011

A Japanese Three Mile Island?

The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant, and the government's clumsy response, both resemble the 1979 U.S. nuclear disaster Cristine Russell Mar 12, 2011

Could the Chevy Volt Really Help Reduce Global Warming?

As the car darling of the 2011 Detroit auto show, can this electric vehicle change American driving habits? Cristine Russell Jan 13, 2011

Bill Ruckelshaus on EPA: 'Battered Agency Syndrome?'

The founding administrator of the EPA is concerned about the agency's work now that the Republicans have assumed control of the House Cristine Russell Dec 4, 2010

Poll Shows Voter Divide on Health Care

A new study reveals the polarization of voters on this issue. How will the coming elections affect the bill? Cristine Russell Oct 28, 2010

Of Mad Men, Crusaders and Cigarettes

The man who took on tobacco in the 1960s reflects on how smoking culture has changed since the days of Mad Men Cristine Russell Oct 16, 2010

4 Million Test-Tube Babies and Counting

This week the scientific father of the test-tube baby won the Nobel. A look at how in vitro fertilization has affected parenthood. Cristine Russell Oct 7, 2010

Earl, We Hardly Knew Ye: A Martha's Vineyard Update

Some grumble that Earl was over-hyped, but it's better to be safe than sorry Cristine Russell Sep 4, 2010

Waiting for Earl: A Report from Martha's Vineyard

A dispatch from the island as the community awaits the storm Cristine Russell Sep 3, 2010 More Stories
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