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The Big Sick Is the Best Romantic Comedy in Years

Kumail Nanjiani has transmuted a remarkable true story into a warm, big-hearted summer film that deserves to be a blockbuster. David Sims 10:00 AM ET

Did Hulk Hogan Neuter the First Amendment?

A new Netflix documentary considers the dangerous ramifications of Bollea v. Gawker for the free press. Sophie Gilbert 11:00 AM ET XL Recordings

The Underrated Humor of Radiohead's OK Computer

The band’s masterpiece of 20 years ago communicated panic with a strangely charming smirk. Spencer Kornhaber 6:00 AM ET
AP / Eric Risberg

Apple Is a Step Closer to Making Its Own TV Shows

The tech giant just hired two industry heavy-hitters as it tries to move into a realm occupied by Netflix and Amazon: scripted television. David Sims Jun 21, 2017 Paramount

Transformers: The Last Knight Is More of the Same

This installment marks director Michael Bay's final outing, but the loud, unpleasant franchise isn't planning to go away. Christopher Orr Jun 21, 2017 Spike

The Intriguing Chills of The Mist

Spike’s new series, adapted from a Stephen King novella, is an absorbing supernatural thriller. Sophie Gilbert Jun 21, 2017 Warner Bros.

How Batman & Robin Changed the Superhero Movie for the Better

Twenty years ago, the George Clooney-starring comic-book sequel flopped with critics and audiences—and set Hollywood heroes on a new path. David Sims Jun 20, 2017 Michele K. Short / AMC

Better Call Saul Finally, Tragically, Ignites Change

The dark ending to Season 3 may force transformation on Jimmy. Spencer Kornhaber Jun 20, 2017
Brad Ogbonna

Black Gotham

Memorializing Manhattan’s earliest African residents Jessica Leigh Hester July/August 2017 Issue

The Conversation

Readers respond to articles in the May issue. July/August 2017 Issue

I Am Not Italian

A poem Billy Collins July/August 2017 Issue Joe McKendry

Inhumane Society

A very short book excerpt Hilda Kean July/August 2017 Issue Sam Taylor

What Inspired the Summer of Love?

Mostly drugs. James Parker July/August 2017 Issue
Alex Wong; Brendan Smialowski / Getty

An Artist for the Instagram Age

Is Yayoi Kusama’s new participatory-art exhibit about seeking profound experiences—or posting selfies? Sarah Boxer July/August 2017 Issue Showtime

Twin Peaks Is Finally Headed Somewhere

Seven hours into David Lynch’s much discussed TV revival, its overarching story is coming into focus. David Sims Jun 19, 2017

The Jaunty Horror of Orange Is the New Black

The Netflix show’s sense of humor has never felt so out of place. Sophie Gilbert Jun 19, 2017 Paramount

Face/Off Is 20 Years Old

It’s bold. It’s absurd. It’s about, literally, the swapping of face-skin. It might be one of the best action movies of all time. Megan Garber Jun 19, 2017 Drawn & Quarterly

The Cartoonist Who Makes You Look Twice

With Boundless, Jillian Tamaki makes a profound case for the primacy of images in storytelling. Rowan Hisayo Buchanan Jun 18, 2017
Bernat Armangue / AP

Murakami and Flash Fiction: The Week in Pop-Culture Writing

Highlights from seven days of reading about arts and entertainment The Editors Jun 17, 2017 Gianni Fiorito / Mongrel Media

The Film That’s Missing From the ‘Century’s Greatest’ Lists

The Great Beauty excels by offering an unsurpassed meditation on a question that confronts all humans lucky enough to live in modernity. Conor Friedersdorf Jun 17, 2017 Shyama Golden

Arundhati Roy’s Fascinating Mess

Being an activist and an artist is trickier than it sounds. Parul Sehgal July/August 2017 Issue More Stories
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