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Daniel Indiviglio
Daniel Indiviglio
Daniel Indiviglio was an associate editor at The Atlantic from 2009 through 2011. He is now the Washington, D.C.-based columnist for Reuters Breakingviews. He is also a 2011 Robert Novak Journalism Fellow through the Phillips Foundation.
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Autumn Awakening: Despite the Skeptics, the Economy Is Improving

In October, the recovery moved confidently forward. Now if can just stay pointed in the right direction. Daniel Indiviglio Nov 23, 2011

Black Friday Blues: Consumers May Buy Less This Year

Americans are bummed about the economy, with sentiment the lowest in November since 2008 Daniel Indiviglio Nov 23, 2011

The Fed Hints That It Won't Provide More Stimulus

Its November meeting minutes make clear that its next move will be better communication -- not additional asset purchases Daniel Indiviglio Nov 22, 2011

Growth Revised Down to 2%—Should We Be Worried?

Firms cut inventories for the first time since 2009, which either indicates that hiring will slow or flourish Daniel Indiviglio Nov 22, 2011

Are Overly Cautious Lenders Killing Home Sales?

Existing sales may fall short of 5 million this year, as contract cancellations soar Daniel Indiviglio Nov 21, 2011

The Market Should Shrug Off the Supercommittee's Failure

As the possibility of a bigger deficit-cutting deal fades away, the status quo will be upheld -- and nobody should be surprised Daniel Indiviglio Nov 21, 2011

Congress Supports Homes for the Wealthy Over the Poor

Somehow the government is managing to do exactly the opposite of what it should be doing: it's subsidizing home ownership for the rich while cutting funding for affordable housing for the poor Daniel Indiviglio Nov 19, 2011

Is Obama Utterly Focused on Jobs or Just Worried About Reelection?

The administration's dismissal of new smog rules shows a growing preference for a practical approach to encouraging the economic recovery over progressive priorities Daniel Indiviglio Nov 18, 2011

The Worst Housing Markets Have the Strongest Buyer Interest

This might seem surprising, until you think about how price changes affect consumer behavior Daniel Indiviglio Nov 18, 2011

The Wall Street Brain Drain Is a Fake Crisis

Even if many top young minds pursuing finance was a real problem, we couldn't fix it if we tried Daniel Indiviglio Nov 17, 2011

How Fannie and Freddie Learned to Stop Worrying About Home Ownership and Love Taxpayers

After a massive effort to expand the number of Americans who own a home, the agencies are now directed to pursue profit and minimize losses Daniel Indiviglio Nov 16, 2011

Is Inflation Trending Low Enough to Push the Fed to Act?

The data on prices leading into its December meeting looks a lot like the data available prior to the November 2010 meeting, when the central bank last administered a dose of monetary stimulus Daniel Indiviglio Nov 16, 2011

The Housing Market Is Still in a Depression

The industry continues to suffer and remains a drag on the rest of the economy Daniel Indiviglio Nov 15, 2011

Welfare for Millionaires: Awful and Wasteful, but Not That Important

A new report indicates that very wealthy Americans dodge $30 billion per year, but eliminating those loopholes won't be easy Daniel Indiviglio Nov 15, 2011

Timothy Geithner's Best Asset: Everybody Hates Him

A lack of ideological bias has allowed him to pursue practical solutions to deal with crises Daniel Indiviglio Nov 14, 2011

Should Consumers Embrace Banks' New Scattershot Approach to Fees?

As expected, financial institutions aren't shrugging off new financial regulation, but quietly hiking the costs customers face Daniel Indiviglio Nov 14, 2011

Would Cracking Down on Illegal Immigration Really Cut Unemployment?

Americans don't want many of the jobs anyway and aren't desperate enough to settle Daniel Indiviglio Nov 12, 2011

Chart of the Day: Consumer Confidence Is Improving

It remains relatively low, but two out of three major surveys show a positive trend Daniel Indiviglio Nov 11, 2011

An FHA Bailout Won't Be Its Death Sentence

It looks like taxpayers will have to rescue the agency, but that's kind of the point Daniel Indiviglio Nov 11, 2011

Chart of the Day: Initial Unemployment Claims Hit 7-Month Low

Fewer workers are newly laid-off workers are filing for benefits, but jobs remain elusive Daniel Indiviglio Nov 10, 2011 More Stories
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