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Don Peck
Don Peck
Don Peck is the deputy editor of The Atlantic magazine and the author of Pinched: How the Great Recession Has Narrowed Our Futures and What We Can Do About It.
Mike McQuade

Silicon Valley Is Not a Force for Good

A sector that once promised revolutionary change is finally hitting its backlash.
Don Peck July/August 2015 Issue Mike McQuade

Inequality Is Enemy No. 1

The urgency of fixing income disparities around the world
Don Peck July/August 2015 Issue Peter Yang

They're Watching You at Work

What happens when Big Data meets human resources? The emerging practice of "people analytics" is already transforming how employers hire, fire, and promote. Don Peck December 2013 Issue Mike Blake/Reuters

Why So Many Americans Are Leaving the U.S.—in 1 Big Chart

Visualizing our emigration problem Don Peck July/August 2013 Issue National Journal

America Has an Innovation Deficiency

And here are 4 steps to fix it. Don Peck Dec 7, 2012

4 Ideas That Will Help America Make Great New Companies

America's got problems. We've got ideas. In Part One of an economic to-do list produced by The Atlantic and National Journal, we start with the big picture: How do we repair America's innovation engine? Don Peck Dec 4, 2012

Gina Raimondo

Don Peck November 2012 Issue

Less Work, More Jobs

Don Peck July/August 2012 Issue

Five-Star Trek

A pampered tour through the Peruvian Andes Don Peck March 2012 Issue

Obama's Populism Isn't Enough to Save the Middle Class

TV talking points from Atlantic senior editor Don Peck Don Peck Jan 25, 2012

The Long Tradition of Killing Middle Eastern Nuclear Scientists

Wednesday's car bomb in Tehran follows decades of poisonings, mail bombs, and killer prostitutes Don Peck Jan 12, 2012

The Middle Class Is Mostly Invisible to the Elite

It's not that the elite doesn't care about the rest of the country--it may not even think about it Don Peck Aug 16, 2011

The Recession Is Making It Harder to Get Into the Middle Class

The economy is experiencing a downward spiral that's pushing people out of the middle and down the income ladder Don Peck Aug 12, 2011

Is the Middle Class Really Doomed?

The beginning of the debate about the future of the middle class Don Peck Aug 10, 2011 Andy Reynolds/Wonderful Machine

Can the Middle Class Be Saved?

The Great Recession has accelerated the hollowing-out of the American middle class. And it has illuminated the widening divide between most of America and the super-rich. Both developments herald grave consequences. Here is how we can bridge the gap between us. Don Peck September 2011 Issue

Fast Company

Why the early years of your career may be the most important. Don Peck May 5, 2010

How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America

The Great Recession may be over, but this era of high joblessness is probably just beginning. Before it ends, it will likely change the life course and character of a generation of young adults. It will leave an indelible imprint on many blue-collar men. It could cripple marriage as an institution in many communities. It may already be plunging many inner cities into a despair not seen for decades. Ultimately, it is likely to warp our politics, our culture, and the character of our society for years to come. Don Peck March 2010 Issue

Disassembly Line

The unbuilding of an auto plant Don Peck April 2009 Issue


The U.S. real-estate bubble is likely to leak, not pop Don Peck July/August 2005 Issue

Putting a Value on Health

The way to arrest spiraling costs is to admit that we already do what we say we never will—ration health care—and then figure out how to do that better Don Peck January/February 2004 Issue More Stories
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