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Ed Koch
Ed Koch
Ed Koch was mayor of NYC from 1978 to 1989. He's credited with restoring fiscal stability to the city and creating affordable housing. He's also a film buff.
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'The Secret in Their Eyes': The Humor's Lost in Translation

The Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film is entertaining, but can everyone keep up? Ed Koch Apr 19, 2010

In 'Everyone Else', Echoes of 'The Blue Lagoon'

Like the Brooke Shields classic, this movie is about love on an island. It's also one of the few films worth seeing this season. Ed Koch Apr 13, 2010

'The Warlords': Good Battle Scenes, Lame Love Story

The film about China's 19th-century civil wars is good, but other movies in the same genre are more worth watching Ed Koch Apr 6, 2010

Why You Shouldn't See 'Hot Tub Time Machine'

Ignore any recommendations you may have heard: this movie's jokes are dumb and its plot is boring Ed Koch Apr 5, 2010

'Vincere': A Film Explores Mussolini's Family Drama

This acclaimed movie shows how the Italian dictator drove his first wife and his son into mental institutions Ed Koch Mar 29, 2010

'Chloe': A Bad 'Fatal Attraction' Knockoff

The new Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried movie moves at a slow pace and offers few surprises Ed Koch Mar 29, 2010

'Green Zone': Disappointing, Even if You Share Its Politics

The new Matt Damon film about the Iraq war is heavy on the Bush-bashing and lacks a coherent, believable plot Ed Koch Mar 16, 2010

'Brooklyn's Finest': Entertaining or Trashy?

New York's former mayor enjoyed this film about the city's police force--but a former city councilmember panned it Ed Koch Mar 15, 2010

The Legacy of an Anti-Semitic Film

'Harlan: In the Shadow of Jew Sűss' documents a family grappling with the Nazi propaganda an ancestor made Ed Koch Mar 8, 2010

In Polanski's 'The Ghost Writer,' Echoes of Hitchcock

The former mayor of New York City on why you should watch the exiled director's latest film Ed Koch Mar 1, 2010

'A Prophet': A French Prison Movie with Universal Appeal

The tensions at play in this film echo the struggles faced by other prisoners—both fictional and real Ed Koch Mar 1, 2010

'The Last New Yorker' is a Downer

Ed Koch Feb 22, 2010

Complexity and Commonality in 'Ajami'

Ed Koch Feb 22, 2010

'Eyes Wide Open': Religion and Sexuality Collide

Ed Koch Feb 8, 2010

'Frozen' Chills and Thrills

Ed Koch Feb 8, 2010

'Edge of Darkness' Not Worth Seeing

Ed Koch Feb 1, 2010

'The Last Station' Satisfies History Buffs

Ed Koch Feb 1, 2010

Calling All Leonard Cohen Fans

Ed Koch Jan 25, 2010

'The Girl on the Train': Not Terrible, But Not First-Rate

Ed Koch Jan 25, 2010

'The White Ribbon' Stumps Viewers

Ed Koch Jan 19, 2010 More Stories
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