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The Student Who Hated My Happiness

Part three of our audio series brings the high-school English teacher Ann Neary’s story about the student Monique Beckford, who thought her optimism was an act. Sarah Carr and Mallory Falk 9:30 AM ET
George Esiri / Reuters

The Soccer Academies Preparing African Children for Division I Competition

A rising number of academies are opening across the continent with the goal of giving children a better education on the way to a better life. Alexander Wooley 3:00 PM ET Lee Ferris

How the Liberal Arts Help Veterans Thrive

Vassar’s first class of student-veterans to graduate proves that the benefits of an elite liberal-arts education extend to them, too. Kara Voght Jun 21, 2017

The Camp Counselor’s Commitment

Neutrogena spray sunscreen smells the best. Coppertone face sticks are waxy and heavy. And if a parent insists on the… Hayley Glatter Jun 20, 2017
Erin Einhorn / Chalkbeat

How Private Funding Creates Disparities Among Detroit's Pre-K Classrooms

Some students get field trips, science kits, and new toys while the kids down the hall get nothing. Erin Einhorn Jun 19, 2017 Brian Snyder / Reuters

Why Grades Are Not Paramount to Achievement

The intrinsic love of learning supplants the drive for high marks in the long run. Ashley Lamb-Sinclair Jun 16, 2017 Paulo Whitaker / Reuters

Summer-School Revivals and Literacy Pig Arrivals: This Week's Top 7 Education Stories

The best recent writing about school Hayley Glatter Jun 16, 2017 AP

Is This the End of the Crusade for Gender-Equal Curricula?

For decades, the push to acknowledge women’s contributions gained traction, but progress may have flatlined. Elizabeth Weingarten Jun 15, 2017
Ted S. Warren / AP

Can Scientists Help End the Teacher Shortage?

Technology and math professionals are leaving the laboratory to lead the classroom. Carolyn Jones Jun 14, 2017 Jim Young / Reuters

The Youth-Counseling Program Helping to Curb Chicago's Violence

Participants are more likely to graduate from high school and less likely to commit violent crimes. Ulrich Boser Jun 13, 2017 Reuters

Are Virtual Schools the Future?

Despite evidence of negative student-learning outcomes, Betsy DeVos appears to think so. Matt Barnum Jun 12, 2017 Brian Snyder / Reuters

Tech Giants and Diplomatic Crises: This Week's Top 7 Education Stories

The best recent writing about school Hayley Glatter Jun 9, 2017 ermess / Shutterstock / Salina Richter / Zak ...

The Student Who Pushed Me to Anger—and Understanding

In the second installment of our audio series, the high-school English teacher Ray Salazar describes his embarrassment after losing his temper in the classroom with Salina Richter. Sarah Carr and Mallory Falk Jun 8, 2017

Why Adolescence Lasts Forever

A new book explores the dynamics of popularity, and the ways our high-school selves stay with us far beyond the teenage years. Megan Garber Jun 7, 2017 Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

The Downside to Career and Technical Education

A new study shows that students who complete the programs have better short-term employment outcomes but struggle to pivot as industries evolve. Matt Barnum Jun 6, 2017 Reuters

The International-School Surge

Increased demand for a “western” education around the world has reshaped whom these institutions serve. Alan Wechsler Jun 5, 2017 Vincent West / AP

Chess Champions and Budget Bellwethers: This Week's Top 7 Education Stories

The best recent writing about school Hayley Glatter Jun 2, 2017 Kamil Krzaczynski / AP

How Education-Funding Formulas Target Poor Kids

Thirty-five states have policies engineered toward sending extra dollars to needy districts. But not all are successful. Hayley Glatter Jun 1, 2017
Rebecca Cook / Reuters

The College-Town Achievement Gap

Persistent inequality plagues the places some prestigious universities call home. Are the higher-education institutions to blame? Erik Gleibermann Jun 1, 2017 Paul Sancya / AP

How School Choice Affects Test Scores

Recent studies show vouchers fail to improve some student outcomes, but that hasn’t deterred advocates of the approach. Matt Barnum May 31, 2017 Carolyn Kaster / AP

The Absence of Betsy DeVos

Every prior education secretary has spoken at the Education Writers Association’s annual seminar, but DeVos declined this year’s invite. Here's what her predecessors used the platform to say. Emily Richmond May 30, 2017 More Stories
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