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Edward Tenner
Edward Tenner
Edward Tenner is a historian of technology and culture, and an affiliate of the Center for Arts and Cultural Policy at Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School. He was a founding advisor of Smithsonian's Lemelson Center.

Want to Buy a Gun? Try Your Local Pharmacy

If cigarettes seem out of place on a drugstore shelf, how about firearms? Edward Tenner Feb 7, 2014

Could a $500 Gadget Have Prevented the Metro-North Tragedy?

What would it cost to repurpose an advanced radar/GPS device to help control the speeds of trains? Edward Tenner Dec 9, 2013

Controlling the Space-Time Continuum, With Art

For just $19.99, Jonathan Keats will sell you a one-pound lead bar that he says slows down time (by less than a nanosecond). Edward Tenner Oct 8, 2013 University of Chicago Press

The Sublime Otherness of Sharks

A new book makes the visual case for why sharks fascinate and frighten us, and for why we should save them. Edward Tenner Sep 25, 2013 Gibraltar Productions; Joel Productions; John Frankenheimer Productions Inc.

A Second Life for Seconds, the 1966 Cult Classic That Made Audiences Sick

John Frankenheimer's would-be blockbuster was booed at Cannes and failed commercially, but its twisted tale of a mid-life crisis was ahead of its time. Edward Tenner Aug 22, 2013

The Problem of the Chair

Designer Niels Diffrient was the latest in a line of masters finding new ways to adapt the material world to our bodies. Edward Tenner Jun 18, 2013

Will There Ever Be Another Book Cover as Iconic as The Great Gatsby's?

F. Scott Fitzgerald worked with an artist to create the perfect image for his novel. But jacket design seems less important now, in the era of e-readers. Edward Tenner Jun 10, 2013

Why the Boomers Are the Most Hated Generation

F. Scott Fitzgerald's flappers also grew up in a time of plenty, but they were allowed to age out of their sybaritic image. What makes the Boomers different? Edward Tenner May 30, 2013

Can Anybody Possibly Measure the Real Price of Information?

The incalculable advantages of digital innovation on the cost and quality of life Edward Tenner May 7, 2013

Reclaiming the Legacy of Al Capp, Who Made Cartoons OK for Adults

A new book about the forward-thinking 'Li'l Abner' cartoonist reminds why he had so far to fall. Edward Tenner Feb 26, 2013

What a 400-Year-Old Bean Reveals About the Renaissance

We can thank the Vatican's 16th-century fresco painters for a food-history find. Edward Tenner Feb 25, 2013

Harvard Won't Get Any Cheaper by Buying the World's Best Professors

The economics of superstar economists Edward Tenner Feb 11, 2013

Richard III's Bones: Is This the Beginning of an Exhumation Craze?

The world is fascinated by the king's remains, found under a parking lot in Leicester. But some academics have mixed feelings about the discovery. Edward Tenner Feb 7, 2013

We'll Always Have (Early 20th-Century) Paris: The Web's Renaissance of the Autochrome

An old, but beautiful imaging technique preserves a lost Paris, and is itself preserved online. Edward Tenner Jan 31, 2013

On the Public-Health Approach to Gun Violence

Overdue recognition of a public health crisis, or one more attempt to medicalize social and political issues? Edward Tenner Jan 9, 2013

On the Ambivalence We Feel About Seeing Pictures of Tragedy on the Web

Lessons from Saint Augustine and other scholars Edward Tenner Dec 31, 2012

A Writer Looks Back at the Editor Who Shaped His Books

Today more than ever, writers need sound guidance. Ashbel Green was the gold standard. Edward Tenner Dec 28, 2012

This Is Why the Press Circulated Ryan Lanza's Facebook Page

The deep psychological explanation for media error in the hours after Newtown Edward Tenner Dec 21, 2012

Who Are MOOCs Most Likely to Help?

It may turn out that electronic degree programs designed to make education democratic will actually only work for the elite. Edward Tenner Dec 18, 2012

People Who Respond to Placebos Are Good People

Resilient, altruistic, straightforward people are most likely to feel like placebos work. Edward Tenner Dec 14, 2012 More Stories
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