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Erik Tarloff
Erik Tarloff
Erik Tarloff is a novelist, screenwriter, and journalist.

The Changing Power Dynamic Between Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

When the former presidential nominee sits down with the House Budget Committee chair on Thursday, their standings will be reversed. Erik Tarloff Nov 29, 2012

How the Monica Lewinsky Scandal Helped—and Hurt—My Debut Novel

What happens when your novel comes to life -- before you've even finished writing it? Erik Tarloff Oct 3, 2012

Obamacare vs. Romneycare

Romney's own health-care legislation was nearly identical to Obama's. So why has the president gotten so much more flak? Erik Tarloff May 29, 2012

Of Course Rupert Murdoch Isn't Fit to Run a Company

Two unsettling thoughts on U.K. lawmakers' condemnation of the media mogul Erik Tarloff May 5, 2012

Why Romney's Relationship With GOP Voters Is Like an Arranged Marriage

They may have flirted with other, spicier candidates, but Republican voters will return to the one who is stable, reasonable, and thoroughly unexciting. Erik Tarloff Jan 6, 2012

And Now It's Newt's Turn

The former Speaker for the House may enjoy support as an alternative to Mitt Romney, but one way or another, he will be brought down by the party establishment Erik Tarloff Dec 10, 2011

The Occupation

Public protest isn't about anything as mundane as ten-point programs and lists of demands Erik Tarloff Oct 16, 2011

My Father Was a Communist

In the 1950s, the author's father was interrogated by the House Un-American Committee and blacklisted by his profession. Years later, too many Americans fail to grasp the moral of his story. Erik Tarloff Sep 21, 2011

What Obama Can Learn From Harry Truman

If he wants to win reelection in 2012, the president will have to stand for something. He needs to get angry -- eloquently angry. Erik Tarloff Aug 16, 2011

How Obama Can Win the Politics of the Debt Ceiling and Still Lose

Obama made the better argument Monday night, but that doesn't mean he's going to come out on top once the battle over the deficit winds down Erik Tarloff Jul 27, 2011

Newbies and True Believers Bedevil Debt-Ceiling Negotiations

Some Republicans are having a hard time distinguishing the serious part of politics from the posturing, just like in 1995 Erik Tarloff Jul 20, 2011

The Art of Book-to-Film Adaptations

Charlie Kaufman's "Adaptation" and Fowles's "The French Lieutenant's Woman" prove there are creative ways to recreate books on screen Erik Tarloff Oct 27, 2010

Of Mosques and Marriage

Some controversies, like Don't Ask Don't Tell, warrant debate, while others -- like gay marriage and the Cordoba House -- don't Erik Tarloff Aug 25, 2010

The Funniest 4 Minutes in the History of Television?

A clip from the BBC comedy TV series "Not Only...But Also" ushered in a new type of humor—one that has no purpose or logic Erik Tarloff Jun 3, 2010

Hominids in Love

We're more like Neanderthals than we thought. Erik Tarloff May 7, 2010

When Great Art Happens to Bad People

Can we judge a book, opera, or symphony by its creator's racist, sexist, or anti-Semitic views? Erik Tarloff Apr 24, 2010

Getting Scary Out There

Erik Tarloff Mar 29, 2010

Only a Draw?

What a chess match teaches us about health reform, Obama, and his presidency Erik Tarloff Mar 22, 2010

Reading Philip Larkin 100 Years From Now

The world has changed a lot since the poet wrote his seminal "Annus Mirabilis." Why 22nd-century audiences might be confused when they read it. Erik Tarloff Mar 10, 2010

Middle East Partisans

Erik Tarloff Mar 8, 2010 More Stories
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