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Graeme Wood
Graeme Wood
Graeme Wood is a national correspondent for The Atlantic and the author of The Way of the Strangers: Encounters With the Islamic State.
David Bathgate / Corbis

What Does It Feel Like to Have a Slave?

Once, for five days, I found out. Graeme Wood May 22, 2017 Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Trump Complies Perfectly With the Saudi Line

The intolerance of the president’s Riyadh speech was the intolerance sanctioned by the other Gulf states: anti-Shiism, with frankly sectarian overtones. Graeme Wood May 21, 2017 Philip Montgomery

His Kampf

Richard Spencer is a troll and an icon for white supremacists. He was also my high-school classmate. Graeme Wood June 2017 Issue Ezra Acayan / Reuters

The Thug Appeal of Rodrigo Duterte

Making sense of Trump’s White House invitation to the Philippine president Graeme Wood May 2, 2017 Alex Wong / Getty

What Sebastian Gorka Got Right About 'Radical Islam'

The White House counterterrorism adviser is so misguided in so many ways that some are reluctant to acknowledge when he has a point. Graeme Wood May 1, 2017 Stoyan Nenov / Reuters

The Coldhearted Folly of Trump's Proposed Immigration Order

The countries likely affected are not those whose nationals have actually perpetrated the most ghastly attacks on Western targets. Graeme Wood Jan 27, 2017 Yagiz Karahan / Reuters

ISIS Ends Its Separate Peace With Turkey

The group claims the Reina nightclub massacre—making its war of terror official. Graeme Wood Jan 2, 2017

The American Climbing the Ranks of ISIS: An Update

The Texan jihadi's name differs, subtly, from the Islamic State's new spokesman's. Graeme Wood Dec 16, 2016 Ian Wright

The American Climbing the Ranks of ISIS

John Georgelas was a military brat, a drug enthusiast, a precocious underachiever born in Texas. Now he is a prominent figure within the Islamic State. Here’s the story of his long and troubling journey. Graeme Wood March 2017 Issue Social Media Website via Reuters TV

The ‘Caliph’ Speaks

As ISIS faces defeat in Mosul, its leader breaks a long silence to urge a fight to the death. Graeme Wood Nov 4, 2016 Carlos Barria / Reuters

Donald Trump and the Apocalypse

Is Rome really
ISIS’s “ultimate trophy”?
Graeme Wood Feb 22, 2016 Stringer / Iraq / Reuters

Why Global Religious Conflict Won’t End

As long as people interpret texts literally, religion will be a source of conflict.
Graeme Wood July/August 2015 Issue Reuters/The Atlantic

'What ISIS Really Wants': The Response

A survey of reactions to The Atlantic's cover story—from think tanks to jihadist Twitter
Graeme Wood Feb 24, 2015 AP/The Atlantic

What ISIS Really Wants

The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it. Graeme Wood March 2015 Issue Brian L. Frank

How Gangs Took Over Prisons

Originally formed for self-protection, prison gangs have become the unlikely custodians of order behind bars—and of crime on the streets. Graeme Wood October 2014 Issue Adam Voorhes

The Future of College?

A brash tech entrepreneur thinks he can reinvent higher education by stripping it down to its essence, eliminating lectures and tenure along with football games, ivy-covered buildings, and research libraries. What if he's right? Graeme Wood September 2014 Issue

My Bizarre Trip to Burma’s Drug Elimination Museum

What the war on drugs looks like in Rangoon Graeme Wood March 2014 Issue John Cuneo

The U.S. Soldier Who Defected to North Korea

... and now lives in Japan selling crackers Graeme Wood September 2013 Issue

What Martial Arts Have to Do With Atheism

An interview with Sam Harris about self-defense and the seduction of faith Graeme Wood Apr 24, 2013 John Cuneo

The Atheist Who Strangled Me

In which Sam Harris teaches me Brazilian jiu-jitsu and explains why violence is like rebirth Graeme Wood May 2013 Issue More Stories
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