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Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer
Harry Shearer is an actor, writer, director, musician and radio host. He is best known for his role on The Simpsons and his work on Saturday Night Live.
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Transparency and the Public Stomach

"We always prefer the civics-class myth to the gritty reality" Harry Shearer Dec 24, 2009

The War Model Failed, So Let's Keep It Going

We are at a moment where it's possible to see the utter and complete failure of the war model as applied to what happened to America on 9/11. Harry Shearer Nov 29, 2009

Should We Launch a War on Immigration?

Harry Shearer Oct 27, 2009

Who Benefits from the Great Health-Care Debate?

Harry Shearer Sep 30, 2009

Another Kind of Public Option

Harry Shearer Sep 8, 2009

Britain to America: More is Better

Harry Shearer Jul 13, 2009

In Defense of Sarah Palin, Kind of...

Harry Shearer Jun 12, 2009

The Mainstream Media Keep Getting New Orleans Wrong

Harry Shearer Jun 3, 2009

The Man of Ideas

Harry Shearer Jun 2, 2009

Blame the Customer. It Always Works.

Harry Shearer May 25, 2009

What to Remember on Memorial Day

Harry Shearer May 23, 2009

Dumbing Us Down

Harry Shearer May 14, 2009
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