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Hannibal Hanschke / Reuters

A New, New Right Rises in Germany

At a farm in the east of the country, one couple tries to forge a nationalism for the intellectual set. Sumi Somaskanda 1:06 PM ET
Anthony Wallace / AFP / Getty

Scenes From Hong Kong, 'Pearl of the Orient'

Images of the vertical cityscape, street scenes, monuments, people, and natural landscapes of Hong Kong. Alan Taylor 2:36 PM ET Scott Morgan / Reuters

The Lasting Damage of Trump's 'Tapes' Bluff

The president’s attempt to intimidate James Comey didn’t merely backfire—it may also embolden hostile regimes to conclude his other threats are equally empty. David Frum 2:17 PM ET
Alastair Grant / AP

Church of England 'Colluded' to Hide Sex Abuse, Leader Claims

An independent report concluded the Church helped hide longterm sexual abuse by a former bishop. Yasmeen Serhan 1:21 PM ET Kevin Coombs / Reuters

Testing U.K.'s Tower Blocks After Grenfell Fire

As many as 600 buildings may have the same type of flammable cladding used in the London structure.    Yasmeen Serhan 11:22 AM ET Reuters

It's 'Highly Likely' ISIS's Baghdadi Is Dead, Russia Says

Last week, Moscow said it may have killed the terrorist leader. The U.S. and Iraq are skeptical. Krishnadev Calamur 9:03 AM ET Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

The Fall of a Foreign-Affairs Reporter

The Wall Street Journal has fired Jay Solomon for becoming involved with an arms dealer, but reporters have often been unable to resist getting their hands dirty with the topics they cover. David A. Graham Jun 21, 2017 Alkis Konstantinidis / Reuters

Who Blew Up Mosul's Al-Nuri Mosque?

Iraq claims the centuries-old landmark was destroyed by ISIS, but the group claims a U.S. airstrike was responsible. Yasmeen Serhan Jun 21, 2017
Nicholas Kamm / Getty

Saudi Arabia's Aggressive New Heir to the Throne

The ascension of Mohammed bin Salman may help entrench a more assertive foreign policy for the kingdom. Mohamad Bazzi Jun 21, 2017 Rodi Said / Reuters

The U.S. Enters a New Phase in Syria

It was always fantasy to pretend the U.S. could fight ISIS without being a party to the broader civil war. Faysal Itani Jun 21, 2017 Omar Sobhani / Reuters

U.S. Wastes $28 Million on Afghan Military Uniforms, Watchdog Says

A report deemed the camouflage pattern inappropriate for a country that is only 2.1 percent forest. Yasmeen Serhan Jun 21, 2017 Charles Platiau / Reuters

Who Is Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince?

Mohammed bin Salman, 31, is the son of King Salman. He has led the war in Yemen and outlined an ambitious economic agenda. Krishnadev Calamur Jun 21, 2017 Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Is American Democracy Really Under Threat?

The country’s turbulent politics, in perspective Uri Friedman Jun 21, 2017
Joshua Roberts / Reuters

Why Do Democracies Fail?

A new book points to the importance of strong conservative parties—and warns about the consequences when they fall short. David Frum Jun 20, 2017 Tolga Akmen / Getty

The Political Kindling of the Grenfell Fire

Why couldn't London prevent such a devastating conflagration? Samuel Earle Jun 20, 2017 Francois Lenoir / Reuters

Reports of an Explosion in Brussels

Belgian security personnel shot dead one person at the city’s Central Station in what authorities are calling a foiled terrorist attack. Yasmeen Serhan Jun 20, 2017 Library of Congress

Go Fly a Kite

In recognition of the warmer weather in the northern hemisphere, this is an invitation to take some time, go outside, and set a kite aloft. Alan Taylor Jun 20, 2017 Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Trump Appears to Fault Obama, Calls Otto Warmbier's Death a 'Disgrace'

He said the 22-year-old University of Virginia student “should have been brought home a long time ago” from North Korea. Krishnadev Calamur Jun 20, 2017
U.S. Air Force / Reuters

The Growing U.S.-Iran Proxy Fight in Syria

The scramble for Islamic State territory is raising the risks of escalation. Mohamad Bazzi Jun 20, 2017 Denis Tyrin / AP

European Court Says Russia's 'Gay Propaganda' Law Is Discriminatory

The human-rights court ruled the legislation encouraged homophobia. Yasmeen Serhan Jun 20, 2017 Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Tour Company That Took Otto Warmbier to North Korea Will No Longer Take Americans

The U.S. State Department is also reviewing its policy on travel to the country. Krishnadev Calamur Jun 20, 2017 More Stories
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