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James Warren
James Warren
James Warren is the Chicago editor of The Daily Beast and an MSNBC analyst. He is the former managing editor of the Chicago Tribune.

The Wisdom of Paula Broadwell

As his now-notorious biographer noted months ago, David Petraeus is only "human at the end of the day." James Warren Nov 14, 2012

Beyond Akin: Current U.S. Law Is Failing Sexual Assault Victims

The failed Missouri candidate isn't the only one with a twisted conception of rape. Our laws about force and consent need a major revamp. James Warren Nov 12, 2012

Big Confidence at Obama HQ

At Obama headquarters, a Person in the Know says a Romney victory would be one of the "most amazing political stories" of the past 100 years. James Warren Nov 6, 2012

The Economic Indicator That Could Predict the Election Outcome

Forget Sandy, ignore ground game. If you want to know why this election is such a nail-biter, look to this one statistic. James Warren Oct 29, 2012

Should We Pay Kids to Read?

As the philosopher Michael Sandel notes, this isn't just a practical question, but an ethical one. James Warren Oct 16, 2012

This One Economic Indicator—Not the Debates—Might Decide the Election

No, it's not the unemployment rate. James Warren Oct 4, 2012

The Fallacy of the 'Critical' Debate

Romney's performance in debate might make a difference... if the debates actually mattered. James Warren Sep 30, 2012

Breaking: Obama Supporters and Romney Supporters May Not Actually Hate Each Other

A cure for political polarization? New research gives some hope. James Warren Sep 27, 2012

Why the Public Votes for Teachers in the Chicago Strike

Rahm Emanuel faces an insurmountable hurdle: People generally like their kids' teachers James Warren Sep 16, 2012

Fact-Checking Campaign Lies: Does Anybody Give a Damn?

In an era when public untruths wind up as one- or two-line bulletin on our smart phones, how do we break the cycle of lying and public forgetting? James Warren Sep 4, 2012

Fatuous-Gossip Watch 2012: The Obama Campaign in Disarray!

Or is it? A staple genre of the new media leaves us to wonder. James Warren Aug 23, 2012

The Very Different Life Chen Guangcheng Would Lead at NYU Law

The Chinese activist would find a very different world at the Manhattan institution. James Warren May 6, 2012

Obama in Love: The Story Behind 'The Story'

Yes, the upcoming biography of the president goes into the details of his love life as a young man. But it really dives much deeper than that. James Warren May 3, 2012

How Can We Fix Transportation in America? Ask a 9-Year-Old

The public is at odds with seemingly smart transportation proposals. But to move forward, we need to forget the status quo. James Warren Apr 24, 2012

Fake Orgasms and the Tea Party: Just Another Political Science Convention

What academia can teach us about politics James Warren Apr 15, 2012

Charles Murray was 'Terrified' on Colbert Report

A fearless social observer admits unease while being interviewed on the comedy talk show. James Warren Apr 13, 2012

Mitt Romney and the Conservative Black Vote

Even when they identify as right-leaning, black voters still overwhelmingly favor the Democratic Party. Academics say there's a way forward for the GOP. James Warren Apr 13, 2012

A Morality Tale in Chicago as Blagojevich Aide Is Sentenced

He should have quit while he was ahead: Once a right-hand man for the governor of Illinois, John Harris now works as an electrician at night and faces jail time. James Warren Mar 29, 2012

The Government Has Tried to Fix Football Before

The Congressional hearing on the Saints' bounty scandal is not unprecedented—Teddy Roosevelt shaped the rules of college gridiron. James Warren Mar 27, 2012

Out of Illinois, a Transformed Romney

It's a new Mitt after yesterday's win in Illinois -- and a fresh reminder for Obama's Chicago-based reelection team of the challenge ahead of them. James Warren Mar 21, 2012 More Stories
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