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Jessica Olien
Jessica Olien is a journalist based in Washington, D.C. She has previously worked as a reporter in Asia and the Middle East.

Thai Protesters Await Government Crackdown

The "Red Shirts" have until midnight Thursday to stop protesting the prime minister--or else Jessica Olien May 12, 2010

On Edge: Protestors in Thailand Await a Government Crackdown

Jessica Olien May 12, 2010

Where Are Thailand's Red Shirt Protests Headed?

The government weighs its options as tens of thousands of protesters converge in Bangkok's commercial center Jessica Olien Apr 14, 2010

'Titanic' To Be Released in 3-D: Why It Won't Work

James Cameron had huge success with 'Avatar' in three dimensions. But his other epically popular film is a different story. Jessica Olien Mar 16, 2010

Attacks Might Not Be About Religion in Nigeria

Last weekend's attack drew considerably more international attention than previous incidents with as many casualties. Jessica Olien Mar 10, 2010

1,600 New Homes Approved for East Jerusalem

Jessica Olien Mar 9, 2010

Fast Food and the Rise of a New Conservative Europe

In France, the fast-food restaurant chain Quick sparked a national debate when it began offering a completely Halal menu at several of its branches. Jessica Olien Mar 4, 2010

The Next Battle in Marja Will be About Governance

Jessica Olien Mar 3, 2010

Worldwide Fatwa Is Issued Against Terrorism

Jessica Olien Mar 2, 2010

Classrooms Are Not Businesses

Jessica Olien Mar 2, 2010

Will ElBaradei be Egypt's Mousavi?

Jessica Olien Mar 1, 2010

Why the Chile Earthquake Won't Be as Bad as Haiti

Jessica Olien Mar 1, 2010

In Other Disturbing Polar Bear News

Jessica Olien Mar 1, 2010

An Attack in Kabul Targeted Indian Citizens

Jessica Olien Feb 26, 2010

Romney At CPAC: No Apologies

The former governor praises Bush and Cheney, and plugs his book Jessica Olien Feb 18, 2010
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