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The Disputed Death of an 8-Year-Old Whose Organs Were Donated

The hospital used a once-controversial but increasingly common donation procedure. Sarah Zhang Jun 16, 2017

The Platinum Patients

Elaina Natario / Katie Martin / The Atlantic

Therapy for Everybody

In Appalachia, a primary-care clinic offers quick bursts of psychotherapy on the spot. Olga Khazan 7:00 AM ET

Trial and Error

sashahaltam; mamagio; Yongcharoen_kittiyaporn; bright / Shutterstock / David ...

The Injection That Melts a Double Chin

A noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure is enticing customers who might not otherwise seek out cosmetic treatments. Lindsey Hunter Lopez Jun 14, 2017
James Hamblin

Let Us Stand on Planes, and Other Health Ideas in Progress

Thoughts that will not be featured at the Aspen Ideas Festival James Hamblin 6:56 PM ET Joshua Roberts / Reuters

The Perilous Path Ahead for the Senate Health-Care Bill

The long-awaited proposal begins with few friends and many critics—on the right, the center, and the left. But the chilly reception doesn’t mean the legislation is doomed. Russell Berman 6:05 PM ET
Paul Spella / The Atlantic

How Two Common Medications Became One $455 Million Specialty Pill

After I was prescribed a brand-name drug I didn’t need and given a coupon to cover the out-of-pocket costs, I discovered yet another reason why Americans pay too much for health care. Marshall Allen Jun 20, 2017 Graham Roumieu

What Is the Most Underappreciated Medical Invention in History?

A big question July/August 2017 Issue Vincent Fournier

Hunting for Antibiotics in the World’s Dirtiest Places

“Compost bin. Pig trough. Dog-food bowl. Laptop keyboard.” Maryn McKenna July/August 2017 Issue

How to Fight Superbugs

One scientist’s solution to drug-resistant bacteria Maryn McKenna, Caitlin Cadieux, Nicolas Pollock, and Alice Roth Jun 19, 2017 KCNA / Reuters

What Happened to Otto Warmbier?

What we know of the medical case of the young American who was imprisoned in North Korea James Hamblin Jun 16, 2017
Timothy J. Gonzalez / AP

The Surprising Effect of Marijuana Legalization on College Students

After Oregon legalized the drug, its use went up—but mainly among teens who also binge-drink. Olga Khazan Jun 16, 2017 Aaron Bernstein / Reuters

Top Republicans Tell Trump: Make Obamacare Work, for Now

With Democrats accusing the administration of sabotaging the health law, two GOP committee chairmen urge the president to continue payments to insurers that could shore up the insurance market. Russell Berman Jun 15, 2017 Getty

A Tiny Tweak to Gut Bacteria Can Extend an Animal’s Life

…at least in worms. Would it work in humans? Ed Yong Jun 15, 2017 Jacquelyn Martin / AP

How Democrats Would Fix Obamacare

They’ve said if Republicans dropped their repeal demand, they’d be willing to help repair the law. Here are some of their ideas. Russell Berman Jun 15, 2017 Elaina Natario / Katie Martin / The Atlantic

How We Spend $3,400,000,000,000

Why more than half of America's healthcare spending goes to five percent of patients T.R. Reid Jun 15, 2017
Polygraph/Can Stock Photo/Qingwa

The Platinum Patients

Each year, one in every 20 Americans racks up just as much in medical bills as another 19 combined. This critical five percent of the U.S. population is key to solving the nation's health care spending crisis. Andrew McGill Jun 15, 2017 Cristina Quicler / Getty

Quit Social Media Every Other Day

One approach for people interested in breaking a compulsive checking habit James Hamblin Jun 15, 2017 Michael Friberg

The Smartphone Psychiatrist

Frustrated by the failures in his field, Tom Insel, a former director of the National Institute of Mental Health, is now trying to reduce the world’s anguish through the devices in people’s pockets. David Dobbs July/August 2017 Issue Eric Draper / Reuters

New Mexico's Contentious 'Pot Powwow'

A cannabis company believes the pot industry could save tribal nations from poverty. But many argue it would only make a drug problem worse. Chelsey Luger Jun 12, 2017 University of Mississippi Medical Center

The Plan for 7,000 Bodies Discovered Under a Mississippi Campus

The unmarked graves belong to patients who died in a state asylum. Sarah Zhang Jun 12, 2017
Krishnendu Halder / Reuters

Is Fear of Flying Contagious?

Trapped in a metal tube in the sky, I might be spreading my anxiety to those around me. Katie Heaney Jun 12, 2017 Edgard Garrido / Reuters

Our Searches, Ourselves

Google reveals the truth about people’s romantic insecurities. Olga Khazan Jun 9, 2017 Hummer; Don Farrall / Getty / Katie Martin ...

The Ice Guru in Brooklyn

Why people are following a leader who can teach them how to be cold James Hamblin Jun 9, 2017 More Stories
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