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Lisa Margonelli
Lisa Margonelli
Lisa Margonelli is a writer on energy and environment. She spent four years and traveled 100,000 miles to write her book, "Oil On the Brain: Petroleum's Long Strange Trip to Your Tank."
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The Retro Silliness of Our Green Trade War With China

A new tariff on Chinese-made wind towers will not aid domestic industry. In fact, it is likely to do the opposite. Lisa Margonelli May 31, 2012

The Keystone Pipeline Is No Victory for Environmentalism

At most, it's a symbolic victory. To ensure the end of tar sands oil, the government will have to enact measures make high-carbon fuel unprofitable. Lisa Margonelli Jan 19, 2012

Give the Gift of an Extra 10 Miles Per Gallon

Rather than giving an energy-guzzling device this holiday season, here are three ways to stuff a stocking with the gift of fuel efficiency Lisa Margonelli Dec 14, 2011

The (Illegal) Private Bus System That Works

Brooklyn's dollar van fleet is a tantalizing demonstration of how we might supplement mass transit with privately-owned mini-transit entrepreneurs Lisa Margonelli Oct 5, 2011

Note to Obama: Try Channeling Michele Bachmann's Gassy Genius

There's no need to make energy promises you can keep: The key is getting people to listen to pledges you won't fulfill. Lisa Margonelli Aug 26, 2011

Is Releasing the Strategic Oil Reserve About Strategy or Pure Politics?

What problem are releases from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve trying to solve? Lisa Margonelli Jul 7, 2011

How High Gas Prices Could Help the Economy

Lisa Margonelli Jun 9, 2011

How to Create a Culture of Public Transit: The 'Marci Option'

An exurban office park in California shows that we don't have to spend long commutes alone in our cars if we don't want to Lisa Margonelli Apr 12, 2011

How Rising Gas Prices Are Eroding the American Dream

Jeff Grant works two jobs but can barely pay his truck's gas bills—and it's begun to affect how he lives his life Lisa Margonelli Mar 10, 2011

Do American Drivers Get a 'Dictator Discount' on Gasoline?

With our notorious dependence on cheap gas, have we been the beneficiaries of an authoritarian markdown at the pump? Lisa Margonelli Feb 4, 2011

Forget About $5 Gas: $3 Gas Is Bad Enough

A former Shell CEO has everybody spooked over high gas prices come 2012, but what about the already too high prices right now? Lisa Margonelli Jan 4, 2011

Does $100-a-Barrel Oil Threaten the Recovery?

As prices rise, having a heavily gasoline dependent economy sucks money directly out of American pockets Lisa Margonelli Dec 3, 2010

Obama's BP Oil Spill Commission Gets It Wrong

When the government allows safety violations on such a high scale it is rewarding companies who court danger Lisa Margonelli Nov 24, 2010

What's Really Wrong With the Smart Grid

All the right interest groups love it, but how does the policy benefit American consumers? Lisa Margonelli Nov 19, 2010

Question for BP: How Close Are We to the Unthinkable?

If the casing of the spewing oil well is deteriorating, the flow of oil could increase and the situation could become much worse Lisa Margonelli Jun 18, 2010

Oil Spill Theater: Catharsis or Catalyst?

The oil spill sparked a heated debate on oil policy, but rhetoric may not turn into action Lisa Margonelli Jun 15, 2010

The End of Magical Oil

The oil spill is starting to look a lot like the financial meltdown -- the product of unrealistic expectations, ridiculous risk, and lax regulation Lisa Margonelli May 14, 2010

7 Ideas for Armchair Oil Spill Regulators

The Gulf oil spill has Congress scrambling to tighten offshore drilling regulation. Here are 7 suggestions for how to start. Lisa Margonelli May 13, 2010

No Easy Villains May Mean No Easy Oil

Unlike other disasters that could be blamed on a clear villain, the Gulf spill was the result of technology, individuals, companies, and circumstance. Which may make offshore drilling harder to justify in the future. Lisa Margonelli May 10, 2010

It's Time for a Moratorium on Oil Itself

A case for using the political will generated by the Gulf oil spill to stop business as usual—by reducing our dependence on oil Lisa Margonelli May 2, 2010 More Stories
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