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Lynda Obst
Lynda Obst
Lynda Obst is a producer and writer who has made 15 films in her producing career, at almost every major studio.
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Old People and the Oscars: Is 'The Social Network' Doomed?

How aging Academy members could affect this year's awards races Lynda Obst Feb 24, 2011

Is China Killing American Comedies?

Funny movies are harder and harder to get made in Hollywood because foreign audiences don't like them Lynda Obst Jan 5, 2011

In Hollywood, Autumn Is Oscar Season

The first sign of fall in Los Angeles isn't seeing the leaves turn—it's getting Academy screeners in the mail Lynda Obst Nov 22, 2010

The Ronni Chasen Mystery: Making Sense of the Publicist's Murder

A Hollywood producer reacts to the death of Chasen, who was shot and killed after attending a film premiere Lynda Obst Nov 17, 2010

'Big Girls Don't Cry': How the 2008 Election Changed the World for Women

Rebecca Traister's new book explores the aftermath of Hillary Clinton's failed run Lynda Obst Sep 27, 2010

Selling 'Inception': How Hollywood Marketing Works

Industry insiders wrote off this long, difficult film as a niche movie. How it defied expectations and became a huge summer blockbuster. Lynda Obst Sep 1, 2010

The Last of the Old-Style Hollywood Agents

No one in the movie industry will ever wear a cape to the office anymore. Remembering Ed Limato, who died over the weekend. Lynda Obst Jul 8, 2010

Hate Your Movie Choices? Blame the Recession

With studios low on cash, the only way films get made is if they are based on comic books or viral YouTube videos Lynda Obst May 7, 2010

In Defense of the Chick Flick

Why are some female critics responding to Kathryn Bigelow's thrilling Oscar win for 'The Hurt Locker' by denouncing romantic comedies? Lynda Obst Apr 1, 2010

What This Year's Oscars Mean for Hollywood

'Avatar' didn't win Best Picture or Director, but it's changed the industry. Plus, there's a new hottest party in town. Lynda Obst Mar 8, 2010

Who Will Win Best Picture: Avatar or Hurt Locker?

The biggest-grossing movie ever goes up against an indie. A Hollywood producer weighs each film's Oscars odds. Lynda Obst Feb 25, 2010

Other Oscar Races to Watch

From Best Director to Best Screenplay, an insider predicts the winners—and offers her opinion on the biggest non-story of the awards season. Lynda Obst Feb 25, 2010

Making Sense of the Golden Globes

Movie producer Lynda Obst reports on this year's A-list Golden Globe parties, and offers the inside track on what the main event's latest trends portend for the future of the industry. Lynda Obst January 2010 Issue

Oscar Weekend Buzz

Movie producer Lynda Obst gives the scoop on two of Oscar weekend's biggest A-list parties, and makes some informed Oscar predictions Lynda Obst February 2009 Issue

A Diminished Oscar Season

Movie producer Lynda Obst laments the plight of recession-era Hollywood and explains why this year's Oscars are shaping up to be a disappointment Lynda Obst February 2009 Issue
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