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Nicole Allan
Nicole Allan
Nicole Allan is a former senior editor at The Atlantic.

We're Running Out of Antibiotics

Nicole Allan March 2014 Issue

Who Will Tomorrow's Historians Consider Today's Greatest Inventors?

We asked leading figures in technology, science, medicine, and design for nominations. Here's what they said. Nicole Allan November 2013 Issue

The Real Drivers of Growth Aren't Small Businesses—They're New Businesses

A graphical antidote to political hype Nicole Allan November 2013 Issue

Climate Change Is Happening

Ideas of the Year 2013 Nicole Allan July/August 2013 Issue Ross D. Franklin/AP

Drones Are … Complicated

Ideas of the Year 2013 Nicole Allan July/August 2013 Issue Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

Karen vs. Kevin: The Persistence of Pro-Male Gender Bias

A glance at five academic studies Nicole Allan May 2013 Issue

The Work/Life Question: 4 Books, 1 Answer

A survey of converging perspectives by influential women Nicole Allan April 2013 Issue Stamen Design

Where the Recession Hit Us Hardest: An Interactive Map

How different regions and industries have weathered the downturn—and the recovery Nicole Allan April 2013 Issue

The Myth of the Student-Loan Crisis

Nicole Allan and Derek Thompson March 2013 Issue

American Nuns

Nicole Allan November 2012 Issue

A National Report Card

A visual look at the educational successes and failures of the past year Nicole Allan October 2012 Issue

The Bland Bravery of Richard Levin

Yale's resigning president won't be remembered for inspiring students or taking bold moral stances. His risk-taking was of an altogether less glamorous sort. Nicole Allan Aug 31, 2012

Sell the Pill Over the Counter

Nicole Allan July/August 2012 Issue

How D.C. Became the Frontline of the Abortion Wars

Its quirky governance relationship with Congress makes liberal Washington an attractive rhetorical target for pet social conservative causes. Nicole Allan May 25, 2012

How to Make a Hollywood Hit

Charting the new globe-trotting science of moviemaking Nicole Allan May 2012 Issue

'The Hunger Games' Crosses Child Warfare With Class Warfare

By taking its subject matter seriously, the movie offers smart political commentary. Nicole Allan Mar 23, 2012

Campaign Inc.

How a presidential election boosts the economy Nicole Allan January/February 2012 Issue

Lydia Cacho Ribeiro

Nicole Allan November 2011 Issue

In Texas, a Death Penalty Showdown With International Law

The state is defying international courts, the UN, and the Obama administration by denying Vienna Convention rights to a Mexican prisoner. Does it matter? Nicole Allan Jul 6, 2011

Endangered Species: The Environmental Issue for 2012

Climate change has dominated environmental politics, but that's changing after Congress eliminated wolf protections Nicole Allan Jun 28, 2011 More Stories
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