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Peter Osnos
Peter Osnos
Peter Osnos is a contributing writer for The Atlantic. He is the founder and editor at large of PublicAffairs books and a media fellow at the Century Foundation.

Ben Bradlee: Everything a Great Editor Should Be

The legendary Washington Post chief, who died on Tuesday at 93, enlivened the newspaper and the nation's capital alike. Peter Osnos Oct 21, 2014 AP

The True Subject of Errol Morris's Donald Rumsfeld Doc: Smugness

With Robert McNamara in The Fog of War, the filmmaker captured a painful redemption bid. But the star of The Unknown Known doesn't think he needs redemption at all. Peter Osnos Apr 9, 2014 Evgenia Eliseeva / AP

How Pop Culture Is Re-Evaluating Lyndon B. Johnson's Legacy

Now rivetingly played by Bryan Cranston on Broadway, the 36th president is being remembered for his political skills and domestic achievements, not just his escalation of the Vietnam War. Peter Osnos Apr 1, 2014 Susan Walsh/Associated Press

The Gates Doctrine: A New Precedent for Washington Memoirs

By breaking convention to publish a critical memoir while a president he served remains in office, the former defense secretary will help shape the historical record. Peter Osnos Feb 18, 2014 Reuters

A Netflix for Books?

The sharing economy goes to the bookshelves. Peter Osnos Feb 4, 2014 National Gallery of Art

You Won’t Find Emails in a Trunk in the Attic

While digital archives don't clutter up the house, they lack poignancy. Peter Osnos Jan 22, 2014

How Masterpiece Stays Timeless

A new memoir by Rebecca Eaton, the executive producer of Downton Abbey and other Masterpiece classics, offers some insight into the series' enduring excellence. Peter Osnos Jan 8, 2014 Eduardo Munoz/Reuters

China and Russia Aren't the Only Major Countries Repressing Journalism

Beijing and Moscow's media crackdown has deflected attention away from Washington's own shoddy treatment of journalists. Peter Osnos Dec 17, 2013 Reuters

Can Print Magazines Save Themselves?

And what if they don't? Peter Osnos Dec 10, 2013 Reuters

How 'Indie' Bookstores Survived (and Thrived)

Peter Osnos Dec 2, 2013 AP

Jeff Bezos and Pierre Omidyar: Our New-Media Media Moguls

Both billionaires recently made $250 million bets on the future of journalism. What is that, exactly? Peter Osnos Oct 30, 2013 Reuters

Why Book Publishing's Doomsayers Are So Wrong

The grandfather of the media industry, publishing has made an ally of technology and is, in many respects, thriving. Peter Osnos Oct 15, 2013 ProPublica/Flickr

These Journalists Spent Two Years and $750,000 Covering One Story

It costs a lot, but investigative reporting can save lives. And non-profits lead the way in producing high-quality, in-depth stories. So who's going to pay for them? Peter Osnos Oct 2, 2013

How Photographic Technology Shapes Our Understanding of War

As cameras have evolved, we've been exposed, more intimately, to conflict.  Peter Osnos Sep 18, 2013

The Triumph of the Tablet

The summer of 2013 has been, in many ways, the summer of the iPad.  Peter Osnos Sep 4, 2013

Why Jeff Bezos and The Washington Post Could Be Good for Each Other

Whatever else it may mean, purchasing the Post instantly lifts Bezos's profile and clout -- and, by extension, Amazon's -- where it truly counts: in the nation's capital. Peter Osnos Aug 13, 2013

Americans Welcome a Future King

The American media's attention to the royal birth was extensive, excessive, and -- given the hoopla surrounding Prince William's birth 31 years ago -- to be expected. Peter Osnos Jul 29, 2013

There Will Always Be a Place for Great Bookstores

The business of publishing and selling books will continue its radical change. But some things are eternal. Peter Osnos Jul 23, 2013

How Amazon Became the King of Audiobooks

Recorded books are now a billion-dollar business, which Amazon dominates perhaps like none other. Peter Osnos Jul 16, 2013

It's Up to the Judge Now in Apple's Big Anti-Trust Case

The collusion case is over. If Apple is found to have violated anti-trust law, the money damages could be huge. Peter Osnos Jun 25, 2013 More Stories
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