, by Donald Trump, pages 143-45, Jul 2, 2000. On the two primary issues as to why I'm supporting Mr. Trump he has remained stunningly consistent. Even if he is unable to get Chinese currency manipulation to stop, his support of a tariff and bringing back protectionist trade policies, which turned the U.S into one of the most prosperous nations in the world, would be a welcome reprieve from the Chamber of Commerce cartel politicians
like Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush
who drive American workers out of their jobs, depressing their wages with foreign labor.
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something to reverse the course. We do not need good sound bytes or the most diehard conservative. We need a Patton. No other candidate comes close to his real world record of actually the things that our Country needs to reverse the death spiral. The American people know this. He is a fearless leader. He has successfully led a $20 billion a year family business employing over 20,000 people. He has a proven record of being resourceful, innovative, and creative in achieving his objectives and goals. He has proven himself as a manager. He oversees 20,000 employees in multiple business entities in successful pursuit of hundreds of initiatives both domestic and worldwide. He has a proven record of winning especially big battles. FOX News is the latest battle nobody thought he would survive let alone win. He has a proven record of being a highly successful negotiator. All of human mankind would be better off if he were negotiating with Iran. He has a proven record of job creation. He has hired, promoted and paid more women, minorities, high school and college students then any Presidential candidate in the history of our Country. He can successfully manage huge building projects that can directly transfer into rebuilding our infra-structure. He has an attitude about our military, re-building our military and taking care of our vets that is pure American. He has a proven record of managing money, minimizing debt and maximizing wealth that can be directly transferred to leading our Country out of financial ruin. He has a proven record of being resourceful and not afraid to take risks and winning project after project. He understands the economy both domestic and foreign better than any other candidate based on experience. He knows what has to be done to bring back manufacturing, deal with Japan, China, and Mexico Financially, he does not need the special interest money. He is not owned by anybody. He is a tireless, hard worker that has no need for lavish family vacations and endless golfing. He will be on the job. His real world accomplishments and experience can be directly transferred to leading our Country back to greatness. (Jump to table of contents)