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Richard Florida
Richard Florida
Richard Florida is a co-founder and editor at large of CityLab and a senior editor at
The Atlantic.
He is
the director of the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto and Global Research Professor at New York University.
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Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Why America’s Richest Cities Keep Getting Richer

They are not just the places where the most ambitious and talented people want to be—they are where such people feel they need to be. Richard Florida Apr 12, 2017 Stefanie Loos

Companies in Gay-Friendly States Are More Innovative

Firms in places with more tolerant laws, new research indicates, attract more talented workers and file more patents. Richard Florida Nov 4, 2016 Andrew Winning / Reuters

Getting to Know the World’s Super-Rich

Who are they? Where do they live? And more importantly, where does their wealth come from? Richard Florida May 17, 2016 Stephen Lam / Reuters

One More Disadvantage of Buying a House: Longer Commutes

Prospective homeowners might want to consider the additional time they’d spend getting to and from work. Richard Florida Mar 11, 2016 Richard Vogel / AP

The New American Dream: A Rental of One’s Own

Homeownership is down and leasing is up, the result of the realities of today’s economy. Richard Florida Feb 17, 2016 Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

The Global Cities Where Tech Venture Capital Is Concentrated

The Bay Area and large U.S. East Coast metros dominate. Richard Florida Jan 26, 2016 Kindra Clineff / Massachusetts Office of Travel & ...

GE’s Relocation: Great for GE, Not as Great for Boston’s Taxpayers

The generous subsidies that led the company to move its headquarters will use up funds that could have been put toward anti-poverty programs and education. Richard Florida Jan 21, 2016 Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

America's Fittest Cities Are Also Its Richest

Many believe that people are healthier in warm, sunny places like Los Angeles and Miami Beach, but money, not climate, is what matters. Richard Florida Jan 12, 2016 Mark Makela / Reuters

The Segregation That Zoning Inflicts on Cities

Land-use restrictions can create concentrations of poverty and wealth throughout urban centers and their suburbs. Richard Florida Jan 5, 2016 David Ryder / Reuters

Gentrification Through the Eyes of Yelp Reviewers

In a relatively white part of Brooklyn, longtime restaurants are considered “cozy” and “authentic.” In a relatively black one, the disappearance of such places made one reviewer “happy to witness a changing neighborhood.” Richard Florida Nov 12, 2015 Reuters/Shamil Zhumatov

Did Russia Really Win the Sochi Medal Count?

How small countries like Belarus, Norway, and Slovenia dominated the Winter Olympics host. Richard Florida Feb 23, 2014 Reuters

Norway, Slovenia, and Latvia Are Owning the Sochi Olympics

The overall medal count obscures how these small countries are outperforming their rivals in 2014. Richard Florida Feb 17, 2014 Kevin Van Aelst

The Boom Towns and Ghost Towns of the New Economy

New York, Houston, Washington, D.C.—plus college towns and the energy belt—are all up, while much of the Sun Belt is (still) down. Mapping the winners and losers since the crash. Richard Florida October 2013 Issue

What Is the World's Most Economically Powerful City?

To kick off The Atlantic's new special report on the past and future of the world's global capitals, we ask: What city rules them all? Richard Florida May 8, 2012

Why America Keeps Getting More Conservative

Religion and education explain why, at the state level, the United States is seeing a clear shift to the right. Richard Florida Feb 13, 2012

The Importance of Social Networks to Start-Up Economies

As our metropolitan areas grow larger, the synapses that connect them -- highly networked people -- become more and more essential to economic growth Richard Florida Oct 21, 2011

The Spread of Start-Up America and the Rise of the High-Tech South

Start-up culture is taking root in lots of places -- and not just the usual suspects. Some of the hottest hotbeds are in the South. Richard Florida Oct 20, 2011

The Shifting Patterns of Patent Growth

Silicon Valley is eight times more productive than the national average. But it wasn't always this way. Richard Florida Oct 19, 2011

Where the Innovators Are

Regional data shows how dense areas of invention tend to be Richard Florida Oct 19, 2011

How Startups Have Changed the Way American Business Thinks

While other countries may create superior products, America generates startups that forever shift the nation's economic structure Richard Florida Oct 18, 2011 More Stories
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