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Wendy Kaminer
Wendy Kaminer
Wendy Kaminer is an author, lawyer, and civil libertarian. She is the author of I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional.
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Should 'New York's Finest' March on Saint Patrick's Day, If Gays Can't?

Wendy Kaminer Feb 22, 2014 Reuters

Why Didn't New Jersey Mayors Stand Up to Chris Christie?

The best way to stop a bully is to speak out—but disappointingly, Garden State officials waited until the governor was vulnerable to air their complaints. Wendy Kaminer Jan 22, 2014

Women Have a Right to Choose and Protesters Have a Right to Protest

In a free society, everyone has to tolerate a certain amount of discomfort and fear—even vulnerable people seeking abortions. Wendy Kaminer Jan 15, 2014

Don't Want Corporations to Have Rights? Then the ACLU Suit Is Dead

Many liberals who cheered when the civil-rights organization filed a suit against the NSA hate the decision in Citizens United. But the suit would be impossible without it. Wendy Kaminer Jun 17, 2013

When Conservative Senators Sound Like Anti-Porn Feminists

The feminist movement should continue to have a robust pro-free-speech wing. Wendy Kaminer Jun 12, 2013

No Sex Talk Allowed

What's wrong with the Obama administration's definition of sexual harassment Wendy Kaminer May 15, 2013

Christine Quinn's Image-Making Machine

The candidate's disclosure that she has struggled with bulimia and alcoholism may make her more "relatable," but it doesn't change her record on First Amendment protections. Wendy Kaminer May 15, 2013


How the word is overused Wendy Kaminer Apr 30, 2013

'We Don't Cower in Fear': Reconsidering the Boston Lockdown

What does it say if Americans further cut back on basic freedoms in response to last week's bombings? And do any of us seriously think we won't? Wendy Kaminer Apr 21, 2013

Against Womansplaining: The Problem With Advice by and for Strangers

"Why imagine that writers and TV personalities who have no idea that you even exist can advise you on your personal, professional, or ethical quandaries?" Wendy Kaminer Apr 9, 2013

Threatening a Free Press, in Britain and the U.S.

The phone hacking scandal shouldn't necessitate a new regulatory system. Wendy Kaminer Mar 21, 2013

America Needs Fewer Campaign-Finance Laws

The problem isn't that there isn't enough regulation -- it's that the laws already on the books aren't adequately enforced. Wendy Kaminer Feb 28, 2013

Why Is the NYPD Investigating Alec Baldwin's Speech?

Under scrutiny for their stop-and-frisk policy, the boys in blue decide to go after the mouthy actor -- violating his First Amendment rights. Wendy Kaminer Feb 22, 2013

Michael Bloomberg, Tireless Champion of Civil Liberties

Sure, he took away New Yorkers' right to massive sodas. But when it comes to our most important civil right, Bloomberg does better than most politicians. Wendy Kaminer Feb 11, 2013

What's Wrong With Having a Secret Assassination Court?

The Obama Administration has considered establishing a special court to rubber-stamp targeted killings. But that won't do a thing to take care of civil libertarians' objections. Wendy Kaminer Feb 11, 2013

The Dangers of Obama's Contraceptive Compromise

The same logic could be used to get businesses out of hiring gay employees or paying minimum wage. Wendy Kaminer Feb 6, 2013

Will the Scouts Ever Admit Atheists?

The youth organization is finally reconsidering its ban on gay members. But it looks like another taboo will remain for a long time. Wendy Kaminer Jan 31, 2013

There's No Room for Civil Liberties in Obama's Inauguration View of America

As the president's speech Monday made clear, the authoritarian right and egalitarian left meet in the middle on at least one issue: Neither side values the rights of the individual. Wendy Kaminer Jan 23, 2013

Our Legal System Didn't Give Aaron Swartz a Chance

The Justice Department's pursuit of the 26-year-old internet activist for a victimless crime points to an ugly truth about prosecutorial abuse. Wendy Kaminer Jan 15, 2013

Let Barney Frank Take Over for Kerry

He doesn't want to run for the seat and could help win the debt limit fight. So why do some Massachusetts Democrats want a less experienced appointee instead? Wendy Kaminer Jan 7, 2013 More Stories
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