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William Haseltine
William Haseltine
William Haseltine is a former professor at Harvard Medical School, where he researched cancer and HIV/AIDS. He is the founder of Human Genome Sciences, where he served as chairman and CEO, and the president of the William A Haseltine Foundation for Medical Sciences and the Arts. He lives in Washington, D.C.

The State of Latin American Art

William Haseltine Sep 27, 2010

Crete: A Walk Through History

William Haseltine Sep 24, 2010

A Day in Kochi

William Haseltine Aug 18, 2010

An Interview With Hilda Ochoa of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas

William Haseltine Aug 16, 2010

The Eco Lodge on Lake Titicaca, Peru: A Paradise on Earth

William Haseltine Aug 10, 2010

The Nazca Lines: Patterns Drawn on the World's Largest Canvass

William Haseltine Aug 6, 2010

Big Bambu

William Haseltine Jul 26, 2010

Mexico City: A Visit to the University of Mexico City (UNAM)

William Haseltine Jul 21, 2010

Mexico City: Coyocan

William Haseltine Jul 21, 2010

Mexico: The National Museum of Art

William Haseltine Jul 21, 2010

Mexico: The Franz Meyer Museum

William Haseltine Jul 21, 2010

The Tamayo Museum of Contemporary Art

William Haseltine Jul 21, 2010

Dinner at El Bulli: A Metamorphosis Towards Essence

William Haseltine Jul 15, 2010

The Castleton Festival: Music Magic in Rappahannock County

Venture just outside of Washington DC for a weekend of symphony and opera in the Virginia countryside. William Haseltine Jul 8, 2010

Nuela: A New Latin American Cuisine

This new South American style not only presents a strong culinary presence, but also demonstrates the regions economic and cultural significance William Haseltine Jul 8, 2010

Machu Picchu Marvels

A Peruvian wonder atop the Andes makes for good pictures and a great trip William Haseltine Jul 7, 2010

The Larco Museum of Lima

Inside the beautiful and varied collection of art William Haseltine Jul 6, 2010

A Trip Up the Peruvian Amazon

The beauty of the river, and the miraculous plant and animal life that live in and along it William Haseltine Jul 6, 2010

A Visit to Cusco, Peru

A look into the beautiful and exotic town William Haseltine Jul 6, 2010

Surprising Lima

William Haseltine Jun 24, 2010 More Stories
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